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Kerry Madden, Editor

Cover depicting a rural house with a bottle tree, birds, snakes, crops, and chair with a quilt.

Cover art: "Traveler's Rest," acrylic on paper, by Bethanne Hill
Cover design: Michael Alfano

Special Feature

Kerry Madden, "From the Editor-in-Chief"

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    • Sarah Brown Weitzman, "Vigil"
    • Lisa Higgs, "Dimensions"
    • Danielle de Ojeda, "REM," "Freud’s Kitchen," and "The Man on the Moon"
    • Liz Abrams-Morley , "October’s End: Eve Returns to the Garden"
    • J. I. Kleinberg, "Blessing," "Lesson," "one day," and "Door"
    • Deborah Thompson, "Looney Tunes"
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    • Ilene Millman, "Blindspot," "Genesis:22 The Binding of Ann," "Genesis:23 In the Mouth of the Cave," and "Basket Lady"
    • Charlotte Muzzi, "Princess Kay Karen Bracken in a Butter Carton Dress, 1963 "
    • Diane Hueter, "When Annie Oakley Came to Town"
    • Sarah W. Bartlett, "Cronehood"
    • Mary B. Moore , "Amanda and the Man-Soul," "The Gone Twin," "Amanda Muse," "Ballad of Red and Blue," and "Gratitude"
    • Kathleen Balma, "Dramatic Dichotologue"
  • memoir
  • story
    • Claire Guyton , "Casting Off"
    • Jane St. Clair, "Touched by Copenhagen"
    • K.C. Mead, "Key-holders"
    • Suzanne Kamata, "A Real Job"
    • Kerry Madden, "A Conversation with Ann Pancake"
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