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Kerry Madden, Editor

Cover of PMS 2014.

Cover design: Michael J. Alfano

Cover art: “La Iglesia,” 2009, by Inés Orihuela, watercolor on canvas


  • poem
    • Madelyn Garner, "The Garden in August"
    • Victoria McArtor, "A Good Seasonal Depression"
    • Inez D. Geller, "Taffeta"
    • Judith O’Connell, "Hoyer Folding Sheets"
    • Jessica Jacobs, "Black Abstraction"
    • Hilary Sideris, "My Bluff"
    • Melissa Boston, "Edna, Sleeping at Grand Isle"
    • Mia Sara, "Sonny Jim"
    • Tina Parker, "Sunday Night" and "Parker Raising Jesus"
    • Susan Terris, "O’Keeffe Country"
    • Suzanne M. Levine, "Eve, Poland, 1942" and "United Air"
    • Carrie Jerrell, "Love Poem for Route 66," "Love Poem for the Tallgrass Prairie," and "Ubi Sunt for the Family Road Trip"
    • Julie Marie Wade, "red"
    • Elya Braden, "Sweeter than Today"
    • Jenny Burkholder, "New Year’s Eve"
    • Kristi Carter, "When a Ghost Touches Your Body"
    • Naoko Fujimoto, "Electric Bills"
    • Whitnee Thorp, "Coal Sweet"
    • Yolanda Franklin, "Vindictive Grace"
    • Juliana Gray, "The Mobled Queen," "Thrift," and "Ophelia"
  • memoir
    • Alison Chapman, "The Paradise Within"
    • Heal McKnight, "Traffic"
    • Lauren Fath, "My Hands, Remembering"
    • Christina Nettles, "Death of an Independent Bookstore"
    • Cynthia Ryan, "Rough Edges"
    • Stephanie Dickinson, "New Jersey Noir"
    • Mary Grover, "Love for Jumpy Insomniacs"
    • Julia Shipley, "Let Us Now Praise Rural Women: The Things They Jettisoned"
  • story
    • Shobha Rao, "An Unrestored Woman"
    • Callie Mauldin, "Temp"
    • Melissa DeCarlo, "The Rosary"
    • Sonia Scherr, "Pearl"
    • Heather Dundas, "House Menu"
    • Diana Wagman, "Rom Com or Rose and Jack Live Happily Ever After and We Are Not Really Surprised"
    • Antonya Nelson, "In the Land of Men"
    • Kerry Madden, "Interview with Antonya Nelson"
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