PMS 9 | 2009

Tina Mozelle Har­ris, editor

Cover of PMS vol. 9, 2009.

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  • Ashley McWaters, "All the Girls" and "Spell Against Drowning"
  • Roberta Feins, "Red Fruit: 1933"
  • Irene Latham, "The Institut de Beauté on Marszalkowska Street"
  • Renée Ruderman, "No Trespassing"
  • Rae Gouirand, "Low Stars"
  • Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, "Riverside Driving Rain" and "As it Were a Frozen Music"
  • Jean Valentine, "Don’t Silence Yourself, No Te Calles"
  • Renée Ruderman, "Overcast"
  • Valerie Wetlaufer, "One Day I Laid Down the Bruise of You"
  • Tiphanie Yanique Zuihitsu, "for the Day I Cheat on My Husband"
  • Hannah Fries, "Night Crawlers"
  • Kara Moyer, "Cara Mia"
  • Helen Wickes, "Greetings to You from Today"
  • Catherine Jagoe, "Eyebrows"
  • Edythe Haendel Schwartz, "Alice Neel Speaks"
  • Libby Falk Jones, "Birthday Pilgrimage, June 20"
  • Liz Robbins, "The Circle"
  • Wendi Lee, "Nursery Rhymes in the Long Green"
  • Julie Hensley, "Pica"
  • Pamela Garvey, "Self-Portrait with Joan of Arc"
  • Mary Ellen Talley, "Multisyllabic Speech Therapy" and "Practicing Sentences with Darcy"
  • Helen Tzagoloff, "Bluebeard Pleads with His Bride"
  • Kathryn Kirkpatrick, "Radiation Treatments"{/slider}


  • Beatrice Lamwaka, "The Market Vendor"
  • Alison A. Chapman, "Milton’s Captive Audience: Teaching Paradise Lost in a Maximum Security Prison"
  • Re’Lynn Hansen, "To Famous Cases of Syphilis"
  • Gina Troisi, "The Red House"
  • Jane Kokernak, "Little Creatures"{/slider}


  • Leah Stewart, excerpt from Husband and Wife
  • Paula Peterson, "My Life in Red"
  • Lisa Katzenberger, "Silence"
  • Brandy Yates, "Clear as Glass"
  • Lorissa Rinehart, "Julie and Her Chickens"{/slider}