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Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, Editor

Cover art: "Solar Love," by Celeste Amparo Pfau

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Raye Hendrix

Francesca Bell

Jessica Jacobs

Kris Faatz

Brenna Womer


From the Editor

Jessica Jacobs

  • And the Ground Opens Its Mouth to Speak

Emily Cinquemani

  • Something Like Faith

Brenna Womer

  • Thick Like Me

Maria Nazos

  • Migration

Hannah Dow

  • Cuttings

Emma Wunsch

  • All Hail Dido, King of the Dildos

Virginia Ottley Craighill

  • Nostalgia

Dakota Reed

  • How to Eat Moon Pies in a Motel Room

Francesca Bell

  • Mistakes of One Kind

Kelle Groom

  • An Emergency

Jenny Molberg

  • Collisions

Raye Hendrix

  • Things That Collapse

Cheyenne Taylor

  • Almost Everything Strange

Richelle Buccilli

  • Sonogram

Emily Cinquemani

  • Sarah Prays to the God of Abraham

Sarah Dickenson Snyder

  • The Words I Say

Alison Pelegrin

  • Razor Days

Jessica Jacobs

  • The Quesetion I’ve Wanted to Hide

Maria McLeod

  • At The Fake Breast Boutiq ue

Kailey Tedesco

  • false idol / mrs. leeds, mother of the jersey devil

Kimberly Ann Priest

  • My Husband Tells Me He is Gay

Joan Kwon Glass

  • Elegy for My Sister’s Journal

Louise Marburg

  • The Downside of Being Beautiful

Shira Dentz

  • Different birds maybe 1
  • Different birds maybe 2

Kris Faatz

  • Silver Ghosts

Hannah Dow

  • Unrequited Love Poem

Jacqueline Vogtman

  • A Love Letter from Very Far Away

Stephanie Carpenter

  • A hawker's guide to the Musée de l'Orange: or, Paris, as you see it
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