PMS 11 | 2011

Kerry Madden, editor

Cover of PMS vol 11, 2011.

Cover design: Michael J. Alfano

Cover photo: Approximation, by Ehren Reed



  • Lauren Slaughter, Interview with Mary Jo Bang
  • Poetry Feature: Mary Jo Bang, "Canto xxvi"
  • Jan Beatty, "adventures of birthmother [texas chainsaw massacre]" and "adventures of birthmother [die hard]"
  • Amy Eisner, "After"
  • Mary Elizabeth Parker, "Appetite" and "For the Young Girls"
  • Constance E. Boyle, "bi-polar ii" and "Partial List of Startling Things"
  • Michelle McMillan-Holifield, "By and By" and "Love Affair"
  • Mara Faulkner, OSB, "Creation Story"
  • Lilace Mellin Guignard, "Detour" and "Lost in the Homeland"
  • Gay Baines, "Diagrams of the Heart"
  • Hilary Sideris, "Donatello"
  • Marilyn Ringer, "Element"
  • Mary Crow, "From Her Blood: A Winged Horse"
  • Barbara Saunier, "Memento Mori"
  • Tracy Lynn Darling, "Threads"
  • Laurin B. Wolf, "First House"
  • Sabrina Ito, "Hafu"
  • Jessica Young, "The Jabberwocky"
  • Kyla Marshell, "Germ" and "The Two Fridas"


  • Denise Turner, "Chasing Euphoria"
  • Brittany Michelson, "Connecting the Dots"
  • Natalie Harris, "After the Late Night Phone Call"
  • Leslie Nipkow, "How to Kiss Like a Movie Star"
  • Lisbeth Prifogle, "Pretty


  • Jennifer Horne, "1957"
  • Sheila MacAvoy, "The Apricot Tree"
  • Sonia Scherr, "To See Your Face"
  • Carys Bray, "Bed Rest"
  • Sarah Harris Wallman, "You Don’t Have to Call Me Merle Haggard (Anymore)"
  • Heather Dundas, "Trivial but Numerous"