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Kerry Madden, Editor

Cover of PMS 14, 2015.

Cover design: Michael J. Alfano
Cover art: “World War II Postcards.” Submitted by Dell Lemmon from her grandmother’s collection of old postcards.

Special Feature

Bethany Mitchell, "The Tension of Opposites: An Interview with Margaret Wrinkle"

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Listen to Kathleen A. Kelly read “She Ought to Know Better” and “Mr. Ninda’s Business" on our Listen page.


  • poem
    • Claire Schwartz, "uncoaxed"
    • Lemmon Dell, "Anti-postcards"
    • Stephanie Kaplan Cohen, "The Cross Dressing Canteloupe"
    • Jenna Rindo, "Step Over Cracks"
    • Kate Hovey, "Out of Air"
    • Christine Higgins, "When I Go” and “Having a Daughter”
    • Brittany Tacconi, "Easter 1999"
    • Kathleen Thompson, "Lament on Distance"
    • Tina Mozelle Braziel, "The Afterlife of Pine” and “Laurel Knob"
    • Carmen Nieto, "City” and “Which Memories Will Our Children Have?"
    • Eliza Gilmore, "Book of Hours” and “On Watching My Older Brother Read Moby-Dick
    • Kathleen A. Kelly, “She Ought to Know Better,” “About the Bed We Share,” “The Third Thing,” and “Mr. Ninda’s Business"
    • Lisa Zerkle, "Transformation"
    • Meredith Davies Hadaway, "Wash Day"
  • memoir
    • Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade, "Green"
    • Amye Archer, "Slow Motion"
    • Christine Stewart-Nuñez, "Culinary Alchemy"
    • Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, "Opal"
  • story
    • Catherine Landis, "Speechless"
    • Maura Stanton, "One Hundred Famous Views"
    • Janna Brooke Cohen, "The Doll Maker’s Tale"
    • J. Annie MacLeod, "American Gothic"
    • Jane Hertenstein, "Heartbreak Wall"
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