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Kerry Madden, editor

Cover of PMS vol. 12, 2013.

Cover design: Michael J. Alfano

Cover photo: "Devon's Disco Ball" by Lucy Madden-Lunsford


  • poem
    • Erica Dawson, "I, too, sing America.," "Lancaster and Kerr," "Bogart and Bergman," and "Harry and Sally"
    • Lavonne J. Adams, "Dead Cottonwood Tree"
    • Lisa Hartz, "Early Instruction"
    • Danielle Sellers, "After Being Called Childish by My Lover" and "After the Engagement"
    • Kathleen McClung, "Freefall" and "Spanish Fly"
    • Michelle Skupski Bissell, "The Barest Rib"
    • Mary Echlin, "Snowdrops"
    • Suellen Wedmore, "Great White Trillium"
    • Brett Griffiths, "Detroit Suburbs, 1976"
    • Joni Lee, "Late Summer, Missouri" and "We Are All Drowsy"
    • Andrea Potos, "Sleep After Travel"
    • Holly Karapetkova, "Worry"
    • Irene Latham, "What if the Ocean Is a Myth?"
    • Jessica Hand, "To the Cross-Dressing Cuttlefish"
    • Hilary Ross, "Every Man a Poppy" and "Owing to the Inestimable Age of the Universe, Calculating the Probability that You are my Father and I am Your Daughter is in itself Impossible, but a Probable Estimate would be 1/400,000,000,000,000,000"
  • memoir
    • Elizabeth Wade, "Thirty-fifth"
    • Pamela Mills, "Blood"
    • Elena Schneider, "The Devil in the Details"
    • Leslie Pietrzyk, "Joy to the World"
    • Christine Hale, "Cooking Instruction"
    • Wendy Reed, "Prologue: An Accidental Memoir"
    • Bebe Barefoot, "Sparkle and Spin"
  • story
    • Mary Jane Myers, "Galileo‚Äôs Finger"
    • Gigi Rosenberg, "Say His Name"
    • Nancy Scott Hanway, "Wake to Sleep"
    • Tara Ison, "Andorra"
    • Mary Elizabeth Pope, "The Club"
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