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Kerry Madden and Tina Mozelle Har­ris, editors

Cover of PMS 2010.

Cover design: Michael J. Alfano

Cover photo: Kiddie Land Coaster by Alvin Hudson


  • poem
    • Medeia Starfire, "Ostrich"
    • Lisa Horner, "When a Woman Is Really a Constellation" and "Wearing a Paper Bag Is One Kind of Hide and Seek"
    • Kathleen Fagley, "Two Weeks after Finding Out about You" and "When Summer Turned to Ash"
    • Georgia Kreiger, "Ash, Ash — You Poke and Stir"
    • Katherine Webb, "The Static Electricity of Playground Equipment"
    • Jeanie Thompson, "Silence: Montgomery, Alabama 1916" and "Helen Remembers Peter Fagan: Palm Sunday, 1916"
    • Karen Duffy, "Pathology of Goodness" and "Teaching American High School"
    • Lisa Zerkle, "Stupid Things"
    • Madelyn Garner, "Hollyhock"
    • Mary Kaiser, "She Rehearses the Paradiso Shuffle"
    • Anne C. Fowler, "Namesake"
    • Meredith Trede, "Working around Peterson’s Field Guide"
    • Lauren Fuhrmann, "Peeling Away and Melting"
    • Lucy Biederman, "(It’s a Mighty Thin Line)"
    • Aimee Parkison, "Immigration Issues"
    • Sandra Kohler, "Preparing for Winter"
    • Robin K. Johnson, "On Getting Lemons"
    • Fabu Carter Brisco, "Clay, Dust and Dirt"
    • Jeanine Stevens, "Field Mice"
    • Wandajune Bishop-Towle, "Visiting My Stepson on the Staff-Intensive Unit"
    • Cathy Linh Che, "First Day" and "Story"
    • Valor Brown, "How to Be a Battered Woman"
    • Li Yun Alvarado, "Pelo Bueno"
    • Sharon Charde, "Coming Out, 1960"
  • Afghan Women's Writing Project
    • Masha Hamilton, "Zarmeena"
    • Roya, "Remembering Fifteen"
    • Seeta, "Under Burqa"
    • Shogofa, "Kill Silence"
    • Meena Y, "My First Namaz"
    • Freshta, "I Thought It Was a Dream but When I Woke, I Couldn’t Walk"
    • Tabasom, "Far from You"
  • memoir
    • Donna G. Thomas, "Kiddie Land"
    • Elaine Neil Orr, "Passing the Cups"
    • Katherine Jamieson, "Ain’t Ready for No Man"
    • Telaina Morse Eriksen, "Oatmeal Cream Pie"
    • Garnett Kilberg Cohen, "Alzheimer’s Daughter"
  • story
    • Diane Shipley DeCillis, "The Theory of Everything"
    • Bryn Chancellor, "All this History at Once"
    • Wendy Fox, "The House"
    • Rose Bunch, "Sirenia"
    • Nancy Glaub, "Rise"
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