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Mary Ruefle

PMS 15 | 2016

Whenever I drive a straight road
I think of a straight pin,
whenever I see a straight pin
I think of a thousand angels,
whenever I see a thousand angels
I think of those who saw me
through my longest night,
when I was but a shadow
of my future self.
Depressed people are unattractive,
but in the way donuts are evil.
And so the eggs of tragedy are laid
in the wrong place.
As Hen may be in no way nuts about me,
I will love the many sproutings of spring,
those that flower and later lengthen
till laid flat by the wind.
I will walk in the corn maze
where no one can smell me,
I will lay my head where none
can think of it,
I will hide in the straw
until all things understand
reality is complete
at every minute,
even if buried,
and long live the dying.
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