Fill out your FAFSA application online.  Designate UAB as the school to receive your FAFSA information.

Be sure to include parental information on the form unless you are 30 year old or older, even if you:

  • Consider yourself independent
  • Receive no financial support from your parents
  • Are married
  • Consider yourself having no financial need

Including parental information is the policy of the UAB Financial Aid Office for determining the financial need for scholarships. If parental information is not included, you will not be considered for any need-based scholarships.

Contact us

If you have questions about completing the FAFSA, please contact the La Shaundria Thomas at medschoolscholarship@uab.edu or 205-934-2332.

Important Dates

Disbursement Dates

Deadlines to Increase or Reduce Aid for the Semester

  • Fall 2021
    • Dec. 10 (MS1 - 4)
  • Spring 2022
    • May 2, 2022 (MS4)
    • June 11, 2022 (MS1 - 3)

UAB Financial Aid for First Professional Students

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