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All students are responsible for adhering to UAB’s Federal Guidelines used in connection with Title IV Funds (i.e. Financial Aid) and Veteran Benefits. The guidelines require the College to report the student’s Last Date of Attendance (LDA). The purpose of the Last Date of Attendance Policy is to appropriately assess the financial liability for students, ensure good stewardship of financial aid funds, veteran benefits and limit the financial liability for the college, and academic consequences for the student.

The amount of Title IV funds earned by a student is based on the amount of time spent in attendance by the student for that term. Students are expected to attend classes regularly and participate in class discussions, assignments, and examinations in order to fulfill course requirements. Once a student is assigned a grade of “F” the LDA is entered by the faculty member. The issuing of the LDA will activate re-evaluation of a student's financial aid and veteran benefits and may result in repayment. The student will remain responsible for any financial liability and any academic consequences due to LDA.

Requests are evaluated based only on submitted written documentation and not through appointments or phone calls. Requests for exceptions, along with supporting documentation, must be submitted no later than the withdrawal date for the term immediately following the term in which the LDA is being contested. Consideration will not be given to any request submitted after the deadline. (Please note that grievances of an academic nature are addressed through the Academic Grievance Policy). A student who is receiving any form of Federal Title IV Financial Aid and Veteran Benefits will be liable for any unearned funds received as determined by the Federal Return of Funds Policy (check with Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs for guidelines).

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