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  • Federal Work‐Study Program
    • This federal program provides part‐time employment for eligible undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate financial need as established by the U.S. Department of Education. The federal share of work‐study wages cannot exceed 75%; the employer share of wages is 25%.
    • Rates of pay are determined by the federal minimum wage, experience, and nature of duties to be performed. The average hourly rate is $7.25.
    • Average schedule: 16 hours per week
    • Students must be enrolled in a program leading to a degree or certificate from UAB.
    • Students admitted as Special, Temporary, Transient, and non-Degree Graduate are not eligible.
    • Work study students cannot hold more than one work study assignment.
  • Application Procedures for Employers
    • Submit a job description on the Work‐Study Request form which can be obtained in Student Financial Aid (SFA). Please include:
      1. the name and address of the department, public agency, or nonprofit organization
      2. the purpose of the job
      3. the student’s duties and responsibilities
      4. the job qualifications
      5. the job’s wage rate or range
      6. the name and contact number of the student’s supervisor.
    • Off‐campus agencies must also sign a contract approved by the UAB Legal Office. You will be notified by SFA if your position qualifies for Federal Work‐Study.
    • Job requests will be advertised on the bulletin board outside the SFA office and the UAB Career Center website, HireABlazer.
    • Employers must notify SFA as soon as job vacancies are filled, so that the advertisements can be cancelled.
  • Job Placement Procedures for Students
    • Eligible work‐study students select a posted job.
    • Contact prospective employer for a job interview.
    • Bring work‐study award notification to the interview.
    • If student is offered and accepts the position, the Work‐Study Placement form must be completed and signed by the employing department.
    • A new work‐study student, or a student whose work study assignment is being reactivated in Oracle, must complete an I‐9 form, and a UAB application in the hiring department. If the student is under the age of 18, a parent of the student must fill out and sign the I‐9 form on the student’s behalf.
    • The new hire ACT document is created and submitted in the Oracle Administrative System by the employing department. All hiring documents including a copy of the Work Study Placement form are to be sent to UAB Records Administration. The original Work Study Placement form and copy of the main ACT document should be sent to the UAB Financial Aid Office for review and approval once the ACT document comes into the SFA Office work list in Oracle.
    • Students employed by off‐campus agencies and the America Reads Program must complete the hiring documents in the UAB Financial Aid Office within one week of notification that they have been hired by the agency.
  • Transfers or Termination of Employment by Student
    • Employers and students should make every effort to resolve problems. If a resolution cannot be reached, please contact SFA.
    • Employers can dismiss a student whose performance is not satisfactory. The employer must supply the reason for dismissal in writing to SFA.
    • The employer must monitor a student’s earnings to ensure the maximum earnings eligibility is not exceeded. Once a student reaches the maximum earnings allowed for the academic year, the employing department will be charged 100% of the student’s wages.
    • Off campus employers should notify SFA when a student is no longer employed with their agency.
    • On campus departments should process an end assignment or termination in Oracle when a student will no longer be working for the department.
  • Pay Periods/Timesheets
    • The employer must maintain a record of the hours worked by the student.
    • Each student completes a UAB time sheet or departmental timesheet every two (2) weeks. The number of hours worked each day is recorded on the time sheet. The student and employer must sign the time sheet.
    • The employer’s timekeeper or the student may enter the hours worked on the TEL document through Oracle. Approvers in the employer’s department must verify the number of hours worked and submit the approved timesheet by the published due date for biweekly timesheets in UAB Payroll Services. WORK‐STUDY STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO APPROVE THEIR OWN TIME SHEETS.
    • Time sheets from off-campus agencies should be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid by 12:00 PM on the Monday following the end of the pay period.
    • Departments/Agencies that have new work‐study students and are unable to retrieve a TEL document in Oracle should contact AskIT at 205-996‐5555
    • Payments to students are issued every other Friday by one of the following methods:
      1. Direct deposit to a checking or savings account
      2. Check mailed to the student. Direct deposit is recommended for students. This form is available online by accessing the student’s Self‐Services Applications through the Oracle database at the UAB Administrative Systems page.
    • The UAB Biweekly Payroll Schedule can be retrieved from the UAB Financial Affairs Payroll Services website in the “Calendars and Important Dates” section.
  • Employer Responsibilities
    • A work study student’s hourly rate must be at least minimum wage. Please keep in mind that students are awarded a total sum of work‐study funds for the academic year and an increase in the hourly rate will decrease the hours per week a student may be eligible to work.
    • Employers are responsible for making sure that the student’s hours worked are submitted by TEL document in the Oracle database system. A student may submit his/her own time using their Blazer ID but are not allowed to approve their own TEL documents.
    • Promote open communication with student employee to foster mutual understanding.
    • Communicate job duties and work expectations in a clear and timely manner to student employee.
    • Encourage student employee input, suggestions, and involvement.
    • Complete a performance evaluation on each student employee at least once a year and provide the student with a copy.
    • Provide adequate training to assist student employee with the performance of duties and personal growth.
    • Provide student employee with appropriate departmental policies as well as university policies and procedures.
    • Adhere to the provisions outlined in the UAB Employee Handbook.
    • Remember that this employee is a STUDENT. Be sure that the student’s work schedule will not interfere with classes and studying.
  • Student Responsibilities
    • Be punctual, dependable, and demonstrate good attitude toward your job.
    • A request for time off must be submitted to your employer in advance. Ask your employer how much advance notice is required. Failure to report to work as scheduled is cause for termination.
    • Time off for illness or emergencies is not subject to advance notice. Be sure to call your employer and let them know you will not be able to report for work.
    • Ask about office dress codes before you begin employment.
    • Provide your employer with your class schedule each semester, so that a work schedule can be established.
    • Record only time worked on your timesheet. Do not include lunch breaks or study breaks on your timesheet.
    • A student employee who falsifies the number of hours worked, or alters a timesheet after the employer has signed the timesheet, will no longer be eligible for the Federal Work‐Study Program. Any amounts paid based on a falsified timesheet will be charged back to the student employee. The student will be reported to the U.S. Department of Education and the UAB Non Academic Judicial Officer.
    • A student employee that has access to confidential information must keep this information confidential and should sign a confidentiality agreement.
    • Work study students should give their current employer a two week notice if ending their work study job or changing work study jobs before the end of the work study award period.

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