Two things to know about August and athletics fundraising

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BlazerBoosters insideAbout 70 percent of the pledges that have been made for UAB Football, Bowling, and Rifle so far are from new donors, and that has Associate Athletic Director Brad Hardekopf excited about the future.

Hardekopf, who leads fundraising for UAB Athletics, sees a new and emerging army of supporters that he expects to rally and be a part of the greatest fundraising effort in UAB Athletics history.

“UAB fans and Birmingham business leaders have been overwhelming with their support for Blazer student-athletes,” Hardekopf said. “Everyone who supports UAB will have a chance to help foster the continued growth of a vibrant athletic department in Birmingham.”

Two upcoming events should help spur that along.

  • First is the announcement of the UAB Athletics Campaign Committee. The goal is to introduce the committee by Aug. 1 and begin the public phase of the campaign shortly thereafter, Hardekopf said.

As reported earlier, campaign chair Hatton Smith is working with Blazer Boosters to assemble this committee of community leaders to raise support for UAB Athletics facilities. Once the UAB Athletics Campaign is underway, fundraising updates will be published monthly.

  • Second is a Blazer Boosters referral program that enlists fans to become Blazer Reps. The goal is for boosters to recruit members from their personal network to financially support UAB Athletics between now and National Signing Day on Feb. 3, 2016. A summary of recruiting totals will be updated weekly on beginning Aug. 1, and the top Blazer Rep efforts will be recognized and awarded during a 2016 UAB Athletics signing day event.

Download your Blazer Rep Playbook for program details including incentive rewards. To register as a 2015-16 Blazer Rep, contact Jay Anderson at 205-996-5994 or

Meanwhile, fans can reserve season tickets at uabsports.comor make a contribution while they await the public kickoff for the UAB Athletics Campaign. To make a pledge to the UAB Football, Bowling & Rifle Support Fund, call Blazer Boosters, 205-996-9969 or complete and return the official gift agreement