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Manipal University is a partner in the UAB-South Asia ITREOH Program with the Sparkman Center.

Partnership Profile

Manipal University-Kasturba Medical College (MU-KMC) is located in Manipal, on the Malabar Coast of Southwest India and is part of the UAB-South Asia International Training and Research in Environmental and Occupational Health (ITREOH), a collaborative research training program. MU is the nucleus of 50 educational institutions and 10 hospitals. It is also the center of a comprehensive network of community health services and numerous rural development projects.


Due to collaborative efforts with the UAB-South Asia ITREOH Program, MU has been offering a graduate degree program in public health (MPH) since Fall 2009.

Trainee-led pilot research projects in India include:

  • The Mercury and Infant Neurological Development (MIND) Study in India – Pilot Phase
  • Occupational Risk of Health Sciences Students to Vaccine Preventable Airborne Viral Diseases in India
  • Cultural and Psychosocial Influences on Disability (CUPID)
  • Determinants of Seroprevalence of Burkholderia Pseudomallei in Residents of Udupi Taluk and Environmental Prevalence of B. Pseudomallei –A Preliminary Study
  • Relationship between Climatic Factors and Diarrheal & Vector Borne Disease in Southwest India - A Retrospective Study
  • Global Climate Change: Opinions of School Teachers and General Population in Mangalore, India
  • A Multi-Center Study to Assess Fine Particle Matter (PM2.5) Air Pollution Due to Secondhand Smoke in Public Places
  • Use of National Reporting System for Occupational Diseases among Non-Governemental Employees in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Surveillance of Non-Fatal Occupational Injuries in Malaysia, 2002 to 2006
  • Awareness and Perception towards Global Climate Change among School Teachers and General Population in Mangalore
  • Retrospective Analysis of Climate-Related Factors and Vector-Borne Diseases
  • Retrospective Analysis of Climate-Related Factors and Diarrheal Diseases with a Focus on Cholera