We are proud to announce the 2019 Sparkman Fellows! We have selected 15 outstanding applicants spanning 4 different schools within UAB. We look forward to having them expand their Global Health knowledge and grow as future practitioners! Click here to learn more about the Fellows.

Alanazi Abdullah

Abdullah Alanzi

School Health Professions

Abdullah Alanazi is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Rehabilitation Science program at the UAB School of Health Professions. His current studies examine the relationship between asthma and substance use (e.g. tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cannabis) among adolescents. He is passionate about tobacco control and smoking prevention in the Middle East and North Africa. His future global health goals are to prevent substance abuse and promote well-being in the Arab league countries.

Alqahtani Mohammed
Mohammed Alqahtani

School Health Professions

Mohammed Alqahtani is a second year Ph.D. student in the Department of Rehabilitation Science at UAB. He is interested in doing research relevant to global health studies and more specifically on tobacco smoking, pulmonary rehabilitation, and chronic lung diseases among adult populations. He also holds a teaching position at King Saud University for Health Science in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Durham Camryn

Camryn Durham

School of Public Health

Camryn Durham is currently a graduate student pursuing an MPH in Health Behavior along with the Certificate in Global Health. Camryn’s interest in global health stems from her love for travel and understanding other cultures, as well as time spent studying and working in a small South African community. She hopes to use her education and experiences to work with local communities in order to implement sustainable solutions to clean water issues as well as sexual and reproductive health problems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Greene Haley

Haley Greene

School of Public Health

Haley Greene received a B.S. in Community and Public Health with a minor in Global Studies from Middle Tennessee State University. She is currently a graduate student working on her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology in addition to the graduate certificate in Global Health. Her research interests focus on the epidemiology of infectious disease in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as HIV-associated Tuberculosis and hemorrhagic fevers. She aspires to improve infectious disease reporting and control efforts in developing countries.

Jasani Amy

Amy Jasani

College of Arts and Sciences and School of Public Health

Amy Jasani is pursuing an undergraduate neuroscience major and Fast-Track Masters of Public Health with a concentration in health behavior. She has participated and competed frequently in global health conferences while working with public health organizations on promoting physical activity/nutrition in youth and mental health resources. In global health, Amy plans to one day work on health interventions as a physician and researcher potentially in the fields of infectious diseases, physical health, or children with disabilities.

Kavita Pauline

Pauline Kavita

School of Public Health

Pauline Kavita is a graduate student in the MPH program with a focus on Environmental Health. Pauline is an international student from Kenya where she worked in non-profit organizations focused on women, children, and youth along with community education. Her career interests lie in environmental and occupational health & justice as well as toxicology due to her experience in Kenya’s horticultural industry, and she plans to pursue a PhD in toxicology and environmental medicine. She is also interested in reduction of HIV in infants and women in Kenya through education as well as including men who have been widely left out by the system.

Khan Tayyaba

Tayyaba Khan

College of Arts and Sciences

Tayyaba Khan is an undergraduate student majoring in International Health and Human Rights. She is interested in the intersection of health disparities with human rights, particularly in stigmatized issues within developing countries and among marginalized communities. She aspires to work for the UN regarding global health policy and human rights advocacy.

Kimbo Liza

Liza Kimbo

School of Public Health

Liza Kimbo is a Doctoral student in the SOPH, Department of Health Care Organization and Policy with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health. She is an international student from Kenya, and has worked for over 20 years in primary care and reproductive health policy. Liza’s work experience in Africa has influenced her research interests that will now focus on adolescent sexual reproductive health and HIV.

Kwak Grace

Grace Kwak

School of Public Health and College of Arts and Sciences

Grace Kwak is a current undergraduate double majoring in Public Health and Medical Sociology. She is interested in studying maternal mortality in South Sudan and working through the South Sudan Health Care Organization. Her career interests include becoming a global health interventionist and hope to reduce maternal mortality in low to middle income countries and working with refugees.

Poleon Shervonne

Shervonne Poleon

School of Optometry 

Shervonne Poleon is a doctoral student in the School of Optometry studying Vision Science. Her current research focuses on elucidating socio-behavioral barriers to glaucoma management and developing strategies for improving adherence to prescribed therapy. She aims to expand this research into other chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease—particularly in developing countries and low-resource environments.

Pratt Madeline

Madeline Pratt

School of Public Health

Madeline Pratt is a current undergraduate senior studying Public Health with a concentration in Global Health. She plans to pursue an MPH in Maternal and Child Health and work in developing nations on reproductive health issues, especially maternal mortality. Eventually, she plans to work on a global scale combating the stigma and disparities that surround women’s health issues

Rozek Morgan

Morgan Rozek

School of Public Health

Morgan Rozek is an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public health with a concentration in global health studies.  Her experience includes working with primary and secondary schools in Ghana and Kenya as well as with children’s homes, rescue centers, and rural health clinics.  Her interests include the burden of infectious diseases among children in sub-Saharan Africa, universal access to education, and global child welfare

 Simons Leahgrace

Leahgrace Simons

School of Public Health

Leahgrace Simons is currently a graduate student in the Department of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health. She is interested in the intersection of identity and the social determinants of health with healthcare utilization and injury. She is also interested in the use of technology to serve rural areas as well as gene-environment interaction as a risk factor for cancer and other chronic diseases. She aspires to improve the quality of life and aging process for marginalized populations both domestically and internationally.

 Tobias Joshua
Joshua Tobias

College of Arts and Sciences and School of Public Health 

Joshua Tobias is an MPH/PhD Health Behavior and Medical Sociology graduate student with degrees from Saint Louis University and the University of Guam. His research broadly examines health care utilization & disparities through the intersection of medical sociology, urban sociology, public health, and demography. He hopes to use his advanced training to improve health care utilization and outcomes among immigrant and underrepresented minority groups in the United States. 

Wild Madelyn

Madelyn Wild

School of Public Health

Madelyn Wild is currently a second-year undergraduate public health major. My interests include maternal and child health, reproductive health, community health, and international emergency medical relief. My global health experiences includes serving as the event chair for the Global Health Interest Group, participating in the Sparkman Center’s Global Case Competition and I will intern in Panama City, Panama this summer with a focus in maternal and child health. In the future I hope to work to reduce the disparities in medical care for expecting mothers and infants across the globe.