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Academic Advisor Resources

Advising Delivery Goals

  • Guide students in developing and attaining clear and realistic educational plans.
  • Reinforce students’ active awareness and participation in the development and achievement of their educational plans.
  • Provide realistic interpretation of goals.
  • Communicate effectively and honestly with students in a caring and open manner.
  • Provide accurate information to assist students with decisions.
  • Discuss options and possible consequences of students’ decisions.
  • Monitor and accurately document students’ progress toward meeting their goals.
  • Understand and effectively communicate institutional requirements.
  • Inform students of institutional and community-based resources that maximize their educational experience.
  • Maintain confidentiality.


Delivery Outcomes

  • Advisors will help students clarify goals and objectives and assist them in choosing courses appropriate to their program requirements. Advisors will encourage students to recognize and accept responsibility for their academic choices.
  • Advisors will provide an open and honest review of students’ goals.
  • Advisors will use effective interpersonal communication skills.
  • Advisors will provide information that is accurate and appropriate according to each student’s needs.
  • Advisors will assist students with decision making skills by questioning and encouraging student decisions.
  • Advisors will maintain accurate, timely student records.
  • Advisors are knowledgeable of degree requirements, policies, and procedures and will clearly communicate correct information.
  • Advisors will inform students of the many university and community based resources relevant to their particular educational needs and goals.