The Early Medical, Dental, and Optometry School Acceptance Programs are undergraduate and professional school educational programs that provide highly qualified students an enriched undergraduate experience in preparation for medical, dental, or optometry school. They provide a path to medical, dental, or optometry school while offering undergraduate students maximum flexibility in exploring the humanities, neurosciences, social sciences, or any other major. The three programs are commonly referred to as EMSAP although they include both dental and optometry school.

EMSAP is not an accelerated BS/MD program; students are expected to spend four years at UAB as an undergraduate and an additional four years in medical, dental, or optometry school. Students can only apply for EMSAP during their senior year of high school.

After successful completion of program requirements and graduation from an undergraduate program at UAB, EMSAP assures highly motivated undergraduates admission to the UAB School of Medicine, UAB School of Dentistry, or UAB School of Optometry.

Students applying for EMSAP should note that it is their responsibility to submit all materials by midnight on November 15, including teacher recommendation letters. We suggest that you check, well in advance, with the persons writing your letters to ensure their submission.


UAB’s own Dr. Greg Pence, provides outstanding leadership in the bioethics field during a time of great uncertainty. He is currently professor in UAB’s philosophy department, where he served as chair from 2012 to 2018 and has been instrumental in developing the university’s Bioethics program. Please view his presentation on the topic of ethical issues facing healthcare practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet EMSAP Students

See what brought our students to UAB, their current activities, and what they plan to do in the program.

  • Classroom Setting
  • Students and Pence
  • 2018 Holiday Party
  • Students with Dr. Pence at Picnic Table
  • Emsap Students Outside Spencer Honors House
  • National Bioethics Bowl Championship Winners
  • EMSAP Students In Front Of Bookshelf
  • Holiday Party Gift Exchange
  • Ethics Bowl Team
  • EMSAP Students in Hospital Hallway
  • Ethics Bowl Practice