Meet the friendly folks who will help guide you through your introduction to UAB.

Taylor LeClairTaylor LeClair, Orientation Leader Coordinator
Huntsville, AL
Taylor knows all of the lyrics in the musicals
 Hamilton and Legally Blonde! One thing she loves about UAB is seeing all the butterflies and flowers by the Blaze topiary on her way to class.

Cassie LeSueurCassie LeSueur, Orientation Leader Coordinator
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Tanner, AL
Cassie loves K-Pop and is thrilled to talk about her experience of seeing BTS in concert. One of her favorite things about UAB is the live music scene in Birmingham and on campus.

Reagan BrightReagan Bright
Human Resources
Helena, AL
Reagan has painted along with a Bob Ross episode. It was a lot harder than Bob made it seem! Her favorite thing about UAB is the chance for involvement with so many campus organizations.

Abigail CheekAbigail Cheek
Social Work
Albertville, AL
Abigail can bust out a rhyme at almost any time! UAB? What's not to like? She can do all kind of things including eating, learning, and even a hike!

Anjali DarjiAnjali Darji
Psychology / Pre-Physical Therapy
Huntsville, AL
Anjali knows how to make Indian tea (chai) and hers is the best on the team! Her favorite thing about UAB is the pizza at the Commons on the Green which, in her own words, "high-key slaps!"

Madison HardimanMadison Hardiman
Biology / Pre-Medicine
Toney, AL
Madison loves Mexican food and is on the hunt for the best Mexican restaurant in Birmingham. Her favorite thing about UAB's campus is the opportunities to hammock on a nice day.

Stephanie HernandezStephanie Hernandez
Health Care Management / Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pelham, AL
Stephanie has dedicated over five years to sound and audio engineering. One thing she loves about UAB is Mervyn Sterne Library. You can find her studying in all the cozy places the library has to offer!

Mary Ann JimenezMary Ann Jimenez
Public Health / Pre-Dental
Killen, AL
Mary Ann hiked every day, rain or shine, for two months during one summer! One of her favorite things about UAB is the proximity to a wide variety of restaurants in Birmingham. She loves to hit up her favorite coffee shops, acai bowl stores, and brunch restaurants.

Emily MagdaEmily Magda
English/ International Studies
Montgomery, AL
Emily has a passion for ice skating and is great at it – even though she tore both her ACL and meniscus while training jumps! Her favorite thing about UAB is its location in the middle of Alabama's largest city.

Gracie Meyer
Gracie Meyer
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Enterprise, AL
Gracie holds the title of Pokémon League Champion in every Pokémon generation released and is eagerly await the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield later this year. Her favorite thing about UAB is the wide variety of courses offered to students of any major.

Thomas MullinsThomas Mullins
Psyhcology / Spanish
Tuscaloosa, AL
Thomas can and will beat you at Super Smash Bros. His favorite thing about UAB is the university's foreign language program that offers a variety of courses!

Cassidy NolanCassidy Nolan
Elementary Education
Hueytown, AL
Cassidy will eat queso dip from absolutely anywhere – including the two restaurants on campus that serve it! Her favorite thing about UAB is the life-long relationships that she has built just in the first few months of her Freshman year.

Shalin PatelShalin Patel
Neuroscience / Pre-Medicine
Meridianville, AL
Shalin is fluent in three languages and is looking to add more to his collection! His favorite thing about UAB is the chance to explore Birmingham and find new places to study or relax.

Viral PatelViral Patel
Finance / Medical Industrial Distribution
Madison, AL
Viral knows how to make Indian tea (chai) and his is better than Anjali's! His favorite thing about UAB is the cultural awareness on campus and the inclusivity of our student organizations that make him feel like he always has a place. #foundhishome

Alan RoperAlan Roper
Accounting / Medical Industrial Distribution
Trussville, AL
Alan loves to play intramural sports, even though his team hasn’t won any games…yet. His favorite thing about UAB is that the campus is not confined to the undergraduate campus; it expands to almost all of downtown Birmingham!

Reese TolandReese Toland
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Mobile, AL
Reese read all of the Harry Potter series in one day! Her favorite thing about UAB is how friendly the students are. She passes different people every day and is always greeted with a smile.

Xavier TurnerXavier Turner
Political Science / Pre-Law
York, AL
Xavier has received a Congressional Recognition Award and an Honored Citizen Proclamation from his hometown! One of his favorite things about UAB is the amount of opportunities (for instance, his internship with the Governor of Alabama) that he would not have experienced anywhere else.