Meet the friendly folks who will help guide you through your introduction to UAB.

Henry Kendrick. Henry Kendrick, Orientation Leader Coordinator
Biology / Pre-Dentistry
Birmingham, AL
Henry is one of eight children. He came to college with the ability to eat only three tacos at a time from the taco truck but now he can eat six. #PushinglimitswithUAB

Rena Lim. Rena Lim, Orientation Leader Coordinator
Communication Studies / Pre-Medicine
Montgomery, AL
Wherever Rena goes, she tries to find a taco establishment. Her favorite in Birmingham is El Taco Truck because they have the best cactus tacos! One thing she loves about UAB is that it is in Birmingham. She's a city girl, but she loves that she can drive 15 minutes and go hiking if she needs some green space.

Ryan Barnett. Ryan Barnett
Arab, AL
Ryan has hiked up to the WBRC sign and looked over the city at midnight. One thing he loves about UAB is the environment of success that is evident at UAB. It's seen everywhere: in the students, professors, and employees of UAB.

Mya Buckner.Mya Buckner
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Huntsville, AL
Mya once saw an X-ray scan of a man with a knife in his skull … who survived. (Can you tell she's Pre-Med??) One thing she loves about UAB is that the students, professors, and everyone else associated with UAB are all very kind so it's easy to build relationships.

Kaitlin Burge.Kaitlin Burge
Philosophy / Pre-Medicine
Madison, AL
Aside from her love for queso, Kaitlin also has a passion for puns, her favorite being: What is Michelle Obama's favorite vegetable? BARACKoli! One of her favorite things about UAB is the opportunities that UAB and Birmingham offer, especially for someone like her pursuing a career in medicine.

Wynter Burlock.Wynter Burlock
Biology / Pre-Physician Assistant
Moody, AL
Wynter attended nine different schools before her 9th grade year. One thing she loves about UAB is the super fun workout classes at the Rec, especially the dance classes!

Katherine Hodge.Katherine Hodge
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Fairhope, AL
Katherine can break dance. One thing she loves about UAB is the Rec Center, particularly the variety of weight machines and the indoor track.

Taylor LeClair.Taylor LeClair
Public Health
Huntsville, AL
Taylor knows all of the lyrics in the musicals Hamilton and Legally Blonde! One thing she loves about UAB is seeing all the butterflies and flowers by the Blaze topiary on her way to class.

Cassie LeSueur. Cassie LeSueur
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Tanner, AL
Cassie is the proud owner of a golden license in Mariokart, though she lacks a real-life driver's license. One thing she loves about UAB is how everything on campus is within walking distance!

Emily McMahon.
Emily McMahon
Biochemistry / Pre-Medicine
Trussville, AL
Emily's favorite foods are sweets, and she could eat dessert for every meal of the day! One thing she loves about UAB is the great parks and hiking locations like Oak Mountain and Ruffner Mountain, which are not far from campus.

Khushee Modi.Khushee Modi
Medical Industrial Distribution / Pre-Physician Assistant
Helena, AL
Khushee has traveled to eight different countries around the world and hopes to continue her list with the study abroad trips through UAB. One thing she loves about UAB is all the Blazer Welcome activities within the first two months of school.

Morgan Richardson.Morgan Richardson
Political Science
Birmingham, AL
Morgan was born at UAB hospital, so she was definitely born to be a Blazer! One thing she loves about UAB is the diverse, world renowned guest speakers that UAB hosts to share amazing lessons and great stories.

Sammy Shin.Sammy Shin
Mathematical Economics
Madison, AL
Sammy attended his first — but definitely not his last — pride event in Prague, Czech Republic! One of his favorite things about UAB is the National Alumni Society's annual water balloon fight.

Alfredo Torres.Alfredo Torres
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Bessemer, AL
Alfredo loves ice cream. He has been to Brusters, 8 Farenheit, Cold Stone, Big Spoon, and he plans on exploring more ice cream places! One thing he loves about UAB is the amount of things you can do in the city. There are many photo-perfect spots and lots of food!

Faith Turner.Faith Turner
Biomedical Sciences / Pre-Medicine
Wadley, AL
Faith is an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and works on an ambulance to save lives! One thing she loves about UAB, besides the three Starbucks located on campus, is the many clinical opportunities provided to students.