UAB awards merit scholarships for a wide range of academic achievements. Students who apply to UAB with test scores or as test-optional will be considered for merit scholarships.

Scholarship Deadline: Apply for Admission by May 1


Students admitted with test scores are automatically considered for ACT- and GPA-based merit scholarships.

Scholarship Test Score GPA Annual Amount
Presidential Scholarship 30–36 ACT or
1360–1600 SAT
3.5+ $20,000
Provost Scholarship 30–36 ACT or
1360–1600 SAT
3.0–3.49 $15,000
Provost Scholarship 27–29 ACT or
1260–1350 SAT
3.5+ $15,000
Green & Gold Scholarship 24–26 ACT
or 1160–1250 SAT
3.5+ $8,000
Blazer Scholarship 24–29 ACT or
1160–1350 SAT
3.0–3.49 $6,000
Blazer Scholarship 20–23 ACT
or 1030–1150 SAT
3.5+ $6,000


Students admitted without test scores are considered for scholarships based on information provided in the admission application and supporting documentation.

Test-Optional Scholarships $6,000–$20,000

While the university cannot advise applicants on whether or not to apply with test scores, students can compare their test scores to these fall 2021 averages of incoming freshmen: 26.5 ACT and 3.82 GPA. Applicants with scores at or above the averages typically have more scholarship opportunities when applying with a test score. Review UAB’s test-optional policy for more information.



Students who apply for admission with test scores of 27–36 ACT or 1260–1600 SAT with a high school GPA of at least 3.5, as well as qualifying test-optional applicants, will be invited to compete for the Golden Blaze Scholarship through answering a series of questions in BSMART, Blazer Scholarship Management, and Resource Tool.


UAB is a destination for academically talented students, and we are proud to recognize and award multiple national and international scholars. National scholarships are stackable on any merit awards, but students are eligible to receive only one of the awards below. View more details on how to claim National Scholarships at UAB.

  • National Merit Finalist - $4,000 per year
  • National Hispanic Scholar - $2,500 per year
  • National African American Scholar - $2,500 per year
  • National Indigenous Scholar - $2,500 per year
  • National Rural/Small-Town Scholar - $2,500 per year
  • IB Diploma Holder - $2,500 per year
  • IB Candidate - $1,000 per year


UAB offers departmental, performance, and more scholarship opportunities to admitted and current students. Students interested in these scholarships should complete the BSMART Scholarship Application in the Blazer Scholarship Management and Resource Tool (BSMART). Completing the application submits student information to multiple departments and units on campus for scholarship consideration. Scholarship opportunities in BSMART will be posted Sept. 1, but students can complete the BSMART Scholarship Application beginning Aug. 1. View more details about applying for additional UAB scholarships.

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