Register for Classes

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You are eligible to register if you have been admitted to UAB, your financial records in the Student Accounting Office are clear, and you meet the conditions listed below for your student category (currently enrolled student, previously enrolled student, new graduate student, new undergraduate student or non-degree student). If you are eligible to register, it will be to your advantage to register during the assigned times listed in Assigned Time Registration). NOTE: Individuals are not allowed to attend University courses unless officially enrolled for class through the appropriate registration process.

CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS: If you are currently attending UAB, you will receive an email notifying you when assigned times have been posted for students. You may then log in to BlazerNET and check your Registration Status for your exact day and time of registration.

PREVIOUSLY ENROLLED STUDENTS: If you have not attended UAB within the last academic year (3 semesters) or attended any other college or university since you last enrolled at UAB, you must apply for readmission. To apply online visit (undergraduate) or (graduate).

NEW UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: Newly-admitted degree-seeking undergraduate students must attend Orientation at which time they will register for classes.
  • Degree Seeking - Newly-admitted degree-seeking undergraduate students must attend Orientation at which time they will register for classes.
  • Non-Degree Seeking – Non-degree undergraduate students register during Open Registration.

NEW GRADUATE STUDENTS: Newly-admitted graduate students may register during the assigned, open, or late registration periods.

When to Register

Currently Enrolled Students: You will receive a notice informing you that your assigned time to register can be viewed in BlazerNET.

Registration may be completed online. Special circumstances may require in-person registration. Registration forms are available from Registration/Academic Records or your advisor.

Previously Enrolled Students: If you are a former undergraduate student who has not attended UAB within the last year (three academic terms) or who has attended another college or university since you last enrolled, you must apply for readmission.

If you are a graduate student who has not attended UAB within the past year, you must apply for readmission. Apply at the UAB Graduate School, ground floor of Lister Hill Library.

If accepted, you are subject to the policies of the current catalog at that time. Reestablishment of your registration records will involve at least an overnight delay, which means you will not be able to register on the day you apply for readmission.

New Undergraduate and Graduate Students: Newly admitted students may register during the assigned, open (unassigned), or late registration periods.

Nondegree Students: Undergraduate students classified as transient, temporary, postgraduate, nondegree, or auditor (no credit work taken) may register only during the open (unassigned) and late registration periods.

Late Registration: In extraordinary circumstances, if it is impossible for you to follow normal procedures, you may mail, fax (205-975-6168), or scan/email ( a letter to the registrar.

Web Registration

You may register online any time after your assigned time until the last day to Drop/Add before classes begin. BlazerNET is available 24/7, but the Add/Drop function within Registration Tools will end on the last day to Drop/Add. If you wish to add a course that is full during late registration, you will have to come in person to One Stop Student Services with a signed Add/Drop form. If you experience difficulty with BlazerNET, please call the One Stop at (205) 934-4300 or email

To register for courses, please sign in to BlazerNET.
Access to BlazerNET requires a BlazerID and password. If you do not have a BlazerID, you may obtain one at BlazerID Central or you may view the schedule of classes.

How to Register through BlazerNET

  • Once logged in to BlazerNET, click on the "Registration" link on the green ribbon.
  • On the Registration menu, click the "Add, Drop, or Withdraw from Classes" link.

To look up the Course Reference Number for your course(s)

  • Click on the “Look Up Classes” link to search the available courses for the term. You may search for classes with several different criteria, but the only block that must be utilized is the Subject block.
  • Once the classes are visible, register for the course(s) by clicking on the empty checkbox to the left of the CRN and clicking on the Register button at the bottom of the screen.

If you already know the CRN for your course(s)

  • Click on the “Add/Drop Classes” link in the “Registration Tools” channel.
  • The Add/Drop worksheet will appear. There will be a row of empty blocks. Type in the 5-digit CRN for your course in any of the blocks. If you are registering for more than one course, tab over to another block and enter in all of the courses at one time. (You do not need to type in the subject or number for the course, only the CRN is required!)
  • Click on the Register button at the bottom of the screen when complete.

To verify that you have successfully registered

  • If you would like a Registration Confirmation, click Registration Confirmation in the “Registration Tools” channel.
  • If you would like to see your classes in a schedule format, follow these steps:
    • On the Student Resources tab, click on the link “Banner Self-Service.”
    • Click on Student and Financial Aid
    • Click on Registration
    • Click on Student Detail Schedule or Week at a Glance

If you receive a Registration Error Message

Please see the list below of common registration errors and solutions:
  • RAC: A Registration Access Code (RAC) is required for your account. This is a 6-digit number given to you by your advisor.
  • CORQ: Course has a corequisite. The CRN of the required corequisite should follow the CORQ error message. Please submit the courses simultaneously.
  • PREQ/TEST SCORE: Course has a prerequisite or test placement requirement. The CRN or title of the required prerequisite should follow the PREQ error message. See your advisor for permission.
  • TIME CONFLICT: Course has a time conflict with another course already added to your schedule.
  • CLOSED SECTION: There are no more seats available in the course.
  • NEED INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION: Permission of the instructor is required to take this course. Please contact instructor for an online override.
  • LEVEL RESTRICTION: Your classification level is invalid for this course. Contact the department or instructor for online permission.
  • HOLDS: Holds are on your account which restrict you from registering. Please scroll down until you see a “View Holds” icon. This icon will show your specific holds. Please see the department listed to remove the hold.

If you have any special circumstances or wish to audit a course, please see the appropriate instructor or department for BlazerNET permission. If you have any additional problems with registration, please call 934-8222 or stop by One Stop Student Services (Hill Student Center, suite 103) for assistance.

In-Person Registration

If you have special circumstances and need to register in person, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Registration forms may be picked up at your advisor's office or at One Stop Student Services (Hill Student Center, suite 103). Complete the registration form, paying particular attention to the course reference number (CRN).

See Assigned Time Registration for the earliest time that you can gain access to the registration system. You will be given an electronic Registration Time Ticket that is shown on your Registration Status on the Student Resources tab of BlazerNET. If you cannot register at your scheduled time, you may register at any later time that registration is available. Note that a $75 Late Registration Fee is charged if registering after open registration has ended.