General Questions

Who can post events to the Campus Calendar?

The entire campus! This is a resource for all to utilize and contribute to.

Who oversees the Campus Calendar?

University Relations maintains the Campus Calendar and oversees approval of events.

What kinds of events should be posted on the calendar?

The UAB Campus Calendar is for events organized, hosted, sponsored or cosponsored by UAB units, departments, colleges, schools, centers and institutes, alumni organizations, and official registered student organizations.

Events hosted exclusively by local or regional non-university businesses or organizations would be better suited to be posted on the Birmingham 365 calendar, maintained by the Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In order to submit events, users must have a UAB email address ( View the UAB Campus Calendar guidelines.

How many events can be on the calendar?

There is no limit to the number of events that can be added and stored on the platform. The more events, the better!

That said, always be conscious of quality to increase the likelihood that your audience will engage with your event listings.

Can I use a link to an event listing in the Calendar when requesting publicity in Greenmail or the Reporter?

Yes! Creating an event listing in the Campus Calendar offers a quick way to provide a link to more information without the need to set up a website or publish a news release online.

Do I need to enter events in the Campus Calendar in addition to my department or group’s calendar?

Centralization is one of the top priorities for the UAB calendar team. You can create events once in the Campus Calendar and publish them anywhere you’d like with tools such as Widgets. That said, any student groups who submit events on the Engage Calendar will not need to submit events to the Campus Calendar as they are already synced each night.

Why are past events still visible in the Calendar?

Past events provide unique insight to UAB’s campus, culture, and community. Even though your event has passed, it is still important to the UAB story! Having your event accessible after the fact helps provide context for what your audience may expect in the future.

What is Localist?

Localist is the name for the content management system that powers the Campus Calendar.

Submitting Events

What information is required when submitting an event?

Technically, only the “Event Name,” “Description,” and “Start Date” are required fields. However, the more information you provide, the better exposure your event will receive.

Note: In most cases, events without locations will be rejected. Exceptions include:

  • events that happen outside of a specific location (ex. UAB Giving Day)
  • events scheduled months in advance where a location is not yet determined

How far in advance do events need to be submitted?

Events appear in the Campus Calendar immediately upon approval. Approval turnaround time is typically less than 48 hours.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you submit events as early as possible in order to allow for maximum exposure.

How long does it take for events to be approved?

Events are usually approved within 48 hours of submission. It is important to submit your event as early as possible to give it a maximum window of exposure.

I have a weekly meeting, do I have to enter each one individually?

Not at all! The Campus Calendar allows you to list all the dates and times of a recurring event within a single event listing. You’re able to create one event and add the recurring dates as separate instances on the same event details page.

However, if you want to list different event details for each event – for instance, a weekly lecture series with a different speaker each week – you will need to create separate event listings for each.

Why didn’t the image I provided for my event appear once the event was published?

If the image you submit contains a significant amount of text, the image will be removed before the event is published. Text on images breaks accessibility guidelines. Text should instead be included within the event description and other fields. Event flyers are not appropriate for the image field.

I did not select an image for my event. Why is there one included in the event listing?

Images help the visibility of event listings, so the Campus Calendar is set to assign one by default if an image is not provided. Depending on the information included in your event listing, the Calendar may display a photo of the location of the event or the logo of the unit hosting the event.

Should I “tag” other departments or groups who might be interested in my event?

Only if they are a co-sponsor of the event, or if you have permission from those groups.

Editing Events

I made a change to an event listing. Why has that event now disappeared from the Calendar?

When an event is edited it goes back into the “pending” queue for approval. We strive to have events approved within 48 hours.

If you are forced to make a last-minute change and need an event listing re-published quickly, please contact Campus Calendar Support.

Why am I unable to edit an event from my department/group?

In most cases, it’s because someone else submitted the event. The person who submitted the event listing is designated as the event “owner.” Only that person or a Calendar admin is able to make changes.

Contact Campus Calendar Support if you need us to make an edit and/or reassign the event owner.

An event unrelated to my department is showing up in my department’s Calendar listings. How can I get it removed?

Contact Campus Calendar Support, and we will remove your department from the event listing.

Department/Group Calendars

The name of my department/group has changed. How do I update it in the Calendar?

Please fill out a Campus Calendar Support ticket, and select “Add/Remove/Edit Department or Group” as the request type.

My department/group is not listed in the Calendar. How do I get it added?

Please fill out a Campus Calendar Support ticket, and select “Add/Remove/Edit Department or Group” as the request type.

Why does my department page within the Calendar display the logo for another unit?

Most departments were assigned a generic graphic for their parent unit when the Calendar launched. If you prefer one specific to your department, you can request an internal unit logo (for your Campus Calendar page, request a “social media logo”).

To have your unit's graphic replaced with a diffent image, fill out a Campus Calendar Support ticket, and select “Add/Remove/Edit Department or Group” as the request type.

How can I add a Calendar widget to my department’s website?

The Campus Calendar provides a widget builder to help.

The widget builder offers a lot of options – both in styling and in customizing exactly what sort of events you want to pull.

Your department’s web specialist will be able to insert the resulting embed code into a module or article in Joomla.

My unit is technically not a “department.” Is there another way to designate it?

No. The Campus Calendar provides classifications for “departments” (official internal units) and “groups” (organizations, councils, committees). There is no separate designation for schools, centers, institutes, etc.