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It is a standard practice by media companies to recognize, feature, name, and award an individual with acknowledgement. In some cases, fees are associated with the recognition. This practice is a "pay to play" model — or franchise opportunities that fall underneath a marketing umbrella and are a revenue stream.

UAB is proud of the accomplishments and recognition of all UAB faculty and staff. We are supportive of participating in paid recognition programs and event sponsorships and at times find these opportunities of value. However, centrally we do not budget for these types of requests and funding for these opportunities are the responsibility of a unit to confirm with the dean or chair of your department. Central marketing looks at opportunities and weighs in if they meet the UAB institutional mission. If so, we'll reach out and present options to the responsible unit.

As a best practice, first confirm with the dean or chair of your department that funds are available for a paid recognition program or event sponsorship. The unit or department of an awardee is responsible for payment for paid recognition programs and event sponsorships — i.e. event table/sponsorship, print advertisement, panel expert or participant, content expert at event or in a publication. UAB central marketing will work with unit's Campus Communicator to amplify messaging about recognition or an awardee across UAB platforms, but is not responsible for any associated costs.

Examples of paid recognition programs and event sponsorships we encounter on a regular basis:

  • Your program has been awarded the #1 “Best Grad School for Healthcare Management” by US News & World Report. As a winner, you have the option to purchase the badge graphic to use across all media for $14,625.
  • The dean in your school has been highly recommended by the editorial team of The Knowledge Review to be featured as the cover story for the "The 10 Most Influential Women in American Education" issue. This "featuring" opportunity includes a $1,599 sponsorship fee with the following benefits: multi-page print profile, content collaboration featured in print and online, complimentary copies of the publication, reprint rights, advertisement.
  • You have been nominated for the Birmingham Business Journal's “Forty Under 40” and have officially made the list. If your unit decides to honor you, here are examples of ways to participate:
    • "Forty Under 40" Table/Ticket Packages: $2,985-$5,150
    • "Forty Under 40" Event Sponsorships: $5,995-$15,000

If you have questions about these guidelines, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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