Times Higher Ed Ranking Push

UAB was ranked #1 Young University by Times Higher Ed for the second consecutive year. We will be doing a marketing push on various paid channels during the summer of 2019. Creative assets (both graphics and animations) for various channels around campus can be found in Box. If you need graphics in additional sizes, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Content blocks can be found in the shared folder area of content builder if you would like to use them in any upcoming email communications. If you do not want to use one of the premade content blocks, we also have pre-written copy and images uploaded for you to use. If you need help accessing these assets, please open a support ticket.

If you are planning to share the announcement via social media, please use the UTM tagged links below. The box folder above has sizes for all of the various social platforms. In addition, if you are using Sprout Social, these will be in the asset library for you to access.

2019 Institutional Spot

Each year, universities are invited to submit their institutional video that runs each time an athletic team is broadcasted (television, ESPN+, Facebook Live, ect).

This year, UAB has engaged with Burton Advertising to produce our institutional spot for Conference USA. Historically, Burton Advertising has helped with UAB's Athletics marketing and has produced videos for various UAB units. Our points of contact at Burton Advertising are Sam Miller and Heather Jeffcoat. The Burton team will be on campus to during July and August.

Below are previous videos used for UAB's Conference USA institutional spot:

UAB. Powered by will.

“UAB. Powered by will.” is a marketing campaign promoting research and innovation and will continue to run till the end of 2019. We are shifting the focus of this campaign to short videos for social media. For summer of 2019 we are focusing most of our marketing efforts on our #1 Young US University ranking.

Phasing out "Knowledge the will change your world"

In August 2018, UAB removed "Knowledge that will change your world" from the official UAB logo. We recognize that this tagline is used widely across our campus and will take time to phase out its use. We recommend removing it from any communications as they are updated. Currently, UAB does not have an institutional tagline - for 2019, we recommend promoting UAB's 50th Anniversary.