When launching marketing campaigns to raise awareness for your campus unit, creative graphics may be developed and used. Graphics should incorporate the university’s color palette and other brand standards. Additionally, graphics should never replace university logo and must always be paired with a university logo. Below are examples of approved marketing campaigns that successfully incorporate the UAB brand. Every marketing campaign should have a launch and end date and be submitted for marketing approval prior to launch.

UAB University Relations must approve all marketing and advertising efforts via the Marketing Approval System. This includes:

  • media buys — print, TV, radio, billboard, and digital/social, including AdWords;
  • working with a freelance creative — graphic design, video production, still photography, media plans and placements, social and/or digital marketing, email marketing, social media consulting, web development, marketing plans, and copywriting;
  • working with an outside agency;
  • event sponsorship;
  • ordering apparel, merchandise, and promotional items.

To send a clear, strong, professional message, advertising for UAB should promote a consistent image.

  • The full UAB monogram and wordmark (logo) must be placed in the ad, preferably at the top or highly visible.
  • University Relations must review your advertising to ensure it follows official guidelines and to check for consistent image quality. All advertising intended for external audiences should be reviewed by University Relations before printing.
  • Any type of marketing or advertising requires a contract to be routed with UAB Contracts prior to any work being completed.
  • University Relations has implemented master service agreements with advertising agencies and creative companies to ensure that UAB retains the rights for creative work produced by any outside agencies, as well as retaining all digital advertising metrics and tracking.

Digital Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google AdWords, Bing)

Digital marketing is managed and purchased centrally in order to optimize media buys based on a strategy that takes into account the amount of messages aimed at our overlapping target audiences. All digital advertising buys must be approved and placed by University Relations or an approved agency. If you are interested in digital marketing, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..