Kenya Barnes

Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Year: Senior
Major: Neuroscience, Biomedical Sciences and Chemistry

Get to know Kenya

I am passionate about...Community service, equality and inclusion of medicine for those in underrepresented socioeconomic backgrounds, and all genres of music
I am interested in (affiliated student organizations/groups on campus)...UABMAPS (Minority Association of Pre-Health Students), Honors College, Alpha Epsilon Delta, undergraduate research
I chose UAB because...I wanted to go to a university that made me feel seen and accepted. From the minute I stepped on campus and talked to staff, physicians, and students, every person I came in contact with treated me as if I was family. UAB made me feel like it mattered what they could bring to me to help me succeed rather than asking what I could bring to them to help them succeed and having that dynamic was so important to me. It really is a university that makes you feel like family. I was also in search of a university that actually valued diversity and inclusion. I knew I needed to go to a school that would not make me feel like an imposter and UAB's expansive demographic did not disappoint. I've come to learn about so many other cultures since coming here in addition to further nurturing my own. The people here are all so accepting and I couldn't have asked for a better group of like-minded students and staff.
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham?I love to go hiking at all of the various trails surrounding the city. There's literally mountains just steps off of campus and I love having that change of scenery right at my hands. It's a really nice de-stresser to have the opportunity to participate in on the weekends. I've also really enjoyed trying all of the numerous eateries around town. From late night ice cream trips, to early morning breakfast, Birmingham is really a foodie's dream.
Best thing you've ate in Birmingham?Brunch at Trattoria Zaza downtown (specifically the French Toast!), Coffee at Santos or Domestique/Saturn, and dinner at New York Pizza in Homewood (the olive oil and garlic they put on the Margherita pizza is chef's kiss)
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