Lara Dour

Hometown: Hoover, AL
Year: Senior
Major: Neuroscience

Get to know Lara

I am passionate about...Traveling and hanging out with friends
I am interested in (affiliated student organizations/groups on campus)...Greek life, Honors College, Undergraduate Research, Dance Marathon
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham?I love Birmingham's sunsets so my favorite thing to do in Birmingham is going to the top of lot B and having a picnic with my friends while watching the sunset.
What does UAB mean to you?UAB has grown to be much more than just a school to me, It's a community of people who are constantly there to support me and an immense amount of opportunities that are there to help me succeed.
Something I am looking forward to at UAB is...I'm looking forward to continuing to share my love for UAB with current students and prospective students to help show them why UAB is so special to me and how I found my home here.
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