1. Who is eligible to use the CRU resources?
CRU resources are available to University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty and students for human subject studies that have current IRB approval.

2. What CRU resources are available?
Free or low-cost services are available for researchers, including inpatient beds on a limited basis, nursing, bionutrition services, and sample processing.

3. What kind of research can be done on the CRU?
The CRU supports human-based translational research. Studies may involve either healthy volunteers or participants with specific diagnoses. Research is facilitated in a broad area of medical disciplines, including general internal medicine, internal medicine subspecialties, radiology, nutrition, surgery, epidemiology, obstetrics, psychiatry, pediatrics and nursing.

4. Are non-MDs allowed to conduct studies in the CRU?
Yes. However, all non-MD investigators such as PharmDs and PhDs must have an MD or nurse practitioner collaborator who will assume medical responsibility for the research participants.

5. What if there are revisions to the original approved protocol or consent?
All protocol modifications and renewals must be submitted to the IRB and copied to the CRU for review. If a protocol undergoes a major modification that includes changes to the CRU resource utilization, a second presentation to the CRU Protocol Review Committee may be required.

6. Who obtains informed consent of the research participant?
It is the responsibility of the principal investigator or appropriate designee to obtain informed consent from the research participant prior to the commencement of a study.

7. How is medical care provided on the CRU?
The physician investigator, or physician for the study, is responsible for the medical care of research participants. Arrangements for emergency care must be formalized before study implementation.

8. Does the CRU have funds for ancillary testing?
No. The CRU does not have funds to cover ancillary testing performed in departments such as clinical laboratory testing or radiology.

9. Can I conduct an industry-supported study on the CRU?
Yes. Industry pays for the use of the CRU facilities and staff. Investigators who need skilled nursing, bionutrition, or other support are encouraged to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on charges.