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CCTS Partner Network Pilot Program

While applications are not being considered at this time, please continue to rely on the information below to understand this program's structure and regulatory requirements. Our Center intends to make another call for pilot applications in late Summer/early Fall of 2024 along with supporting resources to assist applicants in framing project plans to align with the program's intent.

From bench to bedside, the CCTS is on a mission to improve health and health equity in communities across the deep south. By working together, we can accelerate the translation of fundamental and clinical research into improvements for human health and healthcare delivery. Through the CCTS Pilot Program, we seek to ameliorate health conditions that disproportionately affect our region as represented by the CCTS Partner Network and to develop the future translational research workforce by fostering collaboration, team science and innovative discovery.

Our program invites proposals seeking to overcome barrier(s) in the conduct of research as to minimize or eliminate these issue(s) in subsequent work focused on amerliorating health condition(s) that disproportionately affect our region. Research plans may lie at any point along the translational science spectrum.

2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity Pilot Toolbox Current Pilot Awardees Previous Pilot Awardees

  • “The CCTS pilot program is well structured to support the success of individuals seeking to execute translational research projects. It enables investigators to tap into local expertise to find the right contacts to move projects forward.
    This includes access to expert clinical research nurses to assist with sample collection, feedback from principal investigators that have successfully executed similar projects, brainstorming sessions to troubleshoot problems, optimize workflows, with significant consideration on intellectual property protection, and advice on the acquisition of external research support to take the project to the next level.”

    - Sixto M. Leal, Jr. MD, PhD, FCAP, D (ABMM), 2020 Pilot Awardee

  • Since 2009, CCTS pilot investigators garner an average of $1.8M in extramural support in the 4 years after their pilot award.


Anne Russell, PhD
Program Manager, CCTS Research Commons