CCTS offers a rich array of informatics learning opportunities to investigators, from skill building classes such as our hands-on i2b2 training to intense immersion experiences, such as the 4th Annual Bioinformatics Bootcamp hosted by CCTS Partner Auburn University. The CCTS Summer Biomedical Informatics Series offers an overview of the field, allowing learners to select the topics of interest. CCTS also cosponsors the annual UAB Translational Bioinformatics Symposium, which takes place in the spring. 

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Informatics Programs

Formal degreed programs, such as the Master of Science in Health Informatics offered by the UAB Department of Health Services Administration, are also available. The CCTS supports the PhD track in genetics, genomics, and informatics within the Hub’s Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. With leadership from UAB Informatics Institute, the CCTS is also exploring ways to extend the Hub’s graduate degree programs to the undergraduate level in collaboration with the Departments of Biology and Computer and Information Sciences.

The Informatics Institute (I2) serves as the clearinghouse for information on formal programs and courses as well as informatics fellowships and career development opportunities within the fields of clinical informatics and bioinformatics.