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Fire Exit Drills/Evacuation Planning

  • Contact Campus Safety If you would like to schedule a fire exit drill. Departments may also be contacted by Campus Safety to ensure certain facilities are discussing emergency evacuation procedures or holding drills where needed.
  • Depending upon the occupancy classification of the building, its intended use, and specific characteristics- campus safety will determine the emergency evacuation planning needs for your facility.
  • Special note: Regarding all occupancy types, special consideration must be given to students, faculty, and staff with disabilities. In addition, aiding visitors will be critical as well. They will not be familiar with all the exit discharges and egress paths. Awareness of the needs of these individuals will help to facilitate easy egress.

Fire and Life Safety Inspections

Campus safety conducts fire and life safety inspections on all high-risk buildings on an annual basis. We encourage building administrators to walk with us as we conduct inspections. If your building does not fall under this category depending upon overall use and occupancy load, we are happy to schedule an inspection and walk your facility. Examples of high-risk buildings include (Dormitories, Assemblies, High-Rise Buildings, and areas where student activities and classes are held. Other facilities are inspected upon request, or if schedule permits. Please reach out to campus safety regarding any fire and life safety questions you may have.

Special Events

Campus safety is involved in planning for special events that occur on campus. Please reach out with any concerns, or requests for these services. Events should be screened for potential fire and life safety hazards and all emergency procedures discussed prior to the event.

The following manuals can be referenced for both fire safety and special event concerns:

Special Events

Fire and Life Safety Manual

Fire Extinguisher Use

Below is an on-line based training for classification and use of fire extinguishers. If you would like more hands-on instruction, we can set up individual sessions with your department and bring our fire simulator to your location to have a more hands on approach to training. We are also happy to help answer any questions you may have concerning fire extinguisher use and fire safety. Please reach out to Campus Safety with any questions or concerns.