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Campus safety conducts job tasks evaluations for all facilities groups upon request. In addition depending upon scope of work permits are issued by campus safety to internal groups. Training is also conducted routinely to ensure employee’s recognize and understand hazards. Please reach out as well if you would like specific training pertaining to these types of safety concerns beyond the scheduled training held throughout the year.

Some examples of safety hazards found in these types of work environments include:

  • Confined Spaces
  • Electrical Safety Issues
  • Lock out/Tag out
  • Fall Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Tool Safety and Machine Guarding
  • Aerial Lift Operations
  • Forklift Operations

Many training modules and permits exist for these types of hazards; please make sure you consult with campus safety to determine your needs.


Campus Safety also conducts inspections within workshop areas. Please reach out if you have any concerns, or would like to have an inspection conducted in your work space. Many of the same hazards can exist in these spaces, along with hazards specific to shop areas. It is especially important to schedule these inspections and conduct specific training within academic and research spaces, where students rotate on a semester basis and may not be familiar with the environment.

Below is a short video on what some of these hazards can present :

Contracted Construction Projects

Campus safety conducts site inspections concerning campus construction projects and works with UAB Planning, Design, and Construction to ensure contractors are abiding by safety standards.

The following are examples of typical responsibilities:

  • Compliance and issuing of UAB permits applicable for construction and overall scope of work (These include permits for fire wall/smoke wall penetrations, hot-work, Interim Life Safety Measures, and associated permits.)
  • Conducting plans review to evaluate potential life safety issues.
  • Inspecting construction sites and maintaining UAB Interim Life Safety Measures during all phases of construction.
  • Monitoring sites to ensure contractor is abiding by applicable OSHA standards and protecting UAB faculty, staff, students, and visitors from hazards.


The following manuals can be referenced for both general safety and shop safety concerns:

General Safe Work Practices

Shop Safety