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Campus safety is ready to assist in building your Emergency Action Plan (EAP). View the EAP Template here. Unless you notify Campus Safety of specific situations per your facility, the EAP on file will be a general EAP based template for your facility. Building administrators are encouraged to contact Campus Safety to build or update these plans. Most high-risk buildings are required to have an EAP; however, other buildings are encouraged to develop a plan even if they fall into a different building classification. Periodically Campus Safety will review these plans while conducting facility safety inspections on your facility. Campus Safety will work with individuals based on the cooperation they receive from individual departments to build the plan in order to make sure all information is consistent and accurate.

Severe Weather Gathering Points

Severe weather gathering points are located around various campus buildings. The severe weather gathering points identification is an on-going process, and we retain an internal list. As we conduct facility inspections, we review these locations and make updates, as necessary. if you need help identifying your severe weather gathering locations, or do not currently have designated locations please reach out and we can schedule a consultation to review appropriate locations, or inform you of the locations we have per our internal list. The sign below is typically designated as a severe weather gathering point. You may see these in your building towards the lower levels of the building, or interior spaces as an example.


Updated weather information will be announced via:

WBHM FM 90.3

UAB Bad Weather hotline: 934-2165