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At some time, all labs will need to dispose of waste chemicals. Some generate large amounts of chemical waste requiring regular, scheduled pickup, such as those synthesizing proteins or other compounds. Others may not generate waste until they move or review their inventory for outdated material. No matter what the amount generated, it is critical that all materials be identified and packed properly.

The process of identifying the contents of a shipment of hazardous materials through specific lists is known as the manifesting of hazardous materials. Use the Chemical Waste Registry below to identify your shipment. 

Abandoned Chemicals
If you see an abandoned chemical container (and unlabeled, unused bottle containing chemicals), please call the EH&S Support Facility at 934-3797. Someone will come to your area and handle it. Abandoned chemical containers could endanger workers and the environment if the contents aren't handled properly. Help us get these abandoned


Hazardous Waste Manifest (formerly Chemical Waste Manifest)
Please remember to print and attach a copy to the box(es), or file it.

Packing Information

Chemical Packing Codes Help (Beta version) (opens in new window)

Hazardous Waste Label (download PDF version)

Chemical Waste Registry

No Rejects! Handling, Packing, and Pickup Tips

Special Information

Disposal of Ethidium Bromide Waste

How to Build a Satellite Waste Accumulation Area

Chemical Waste Area Signage