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Universal waste (UW) typically consists of:
  • non-alkaline batteries (Ni-Cad, Li-Ion, and lead acid)
  • pesticides
  • mercury containing devices (thermostats, thermometers)
  • mercury containing lamps (fluorescent bulbs)
UAB maintenance has established storage areas around campus for UW. 

UW Storage Areas (Satellite Stations)

Clean and remove any evidence of spills, releases, or leaks within 24 hours of detection.

When packing containers of UW, you must:
  1. Attach a label showing:
    • the material type (universal waste bulbs, universal waste batteries, mercury containing devices, etc.)
    • the date the accumulation began
    • the address or location of the collection
  2. Seal the container. The container must be in good condition and suitable for transportation.
  3. Keep the containers closed, except when adding or removing materials.
The materials are sent to a licensed permitted recycling company.

To dispose of UV or Germicidal bulbs, decontaminate the bulb with a suitable decon solution (70% ethanol or 10% chlorox). Give the bulbs to UAB maintenance.

Contact the UAB Support Facility at 934.3797 for assistance if needed.