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Many chemicals that are treated as chemical waste are actually surplus chemicals that are reusable. If you have excess chemicals it is recommended that unopened or unwanted chemicals are transferred to surrounding laboratories where they may be used. If you are in immediate need of a specific chemical you can call 4-3797 and ask if we have any available. If we do you will have to arrange transport of the material to your lab.

Minimizing waste is extremely important.

Some common chemicals that are desirable to other labs include:
  • Organic solvents (Acetone, Hexane's, Methanol)
  • Salts (Barium Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, etc.)
  • Cleaning Solutions (Alconox, Sparkleen, etc.)
  • Liquid scintillation fluid (unused & non-radioactive)
To take advantage of this service, please call 934.3797.

Transfer of chemical materials does NOT include transfer of radioactive materials. Call Radiation Safety (934.2487) for assistance for rad transfers.