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Overview: Provide for the order, receipt, survey, and the safe transfer of all radioactive materials (except for those departments licensed to do so for radiopharmaceuticals necessary for the clinical care of patients). All purchase order numbers for any nonexempt radioactive materials (including generally licensed devices) are provided only through the RSP.

Instructions for Placing Radioactive Material Orders

All orders for radioactive materials at UAB must be processed through the Radiation Safety Office. The laboratory shall not phone in orders to the vendor. Purchase order numbers must be acquired through Oracle and the Radiation Safety Office must place the orders. Please contact Malia Ruffin at 934-4751 with any questions or inquiries.

There are a few noteworthy items when entering a requisition in iProcurement. If these items are not addressed properly, your order could be delayed. If all of the items are not filled out properly, your order could go through the wrong approval path and bypass the Radiation Safety Office.

When entering requisitions for radioactive materials in the iProcurement system follow these instructions.

Please be sure in the item description to include catalog number (example: BLU002H), description (example: P-32 dctp), and amount to order (1x250uCi). Any special shipping instructions can be put in the ship to field (Fresh Lot, Ship a particular date, etc.)

Once the order is properly entered it will be forwarded through the approval path (if you entered RAD in the Hazard Class section) to the Radiation Safety Office. All orders that are in our worklist by 1pm will be placed on that same day. Any orders after 1pm will be placed the following day.

Contact Person: Malia Ruffin
Phone number: 934-2487
Email address: mlr0@uab.edu