Users can add collaborators to videos/audio stored in Kaltura and choose specific permissions to allow editing and/or publishing.

Note for users of screen readers: letters in parentheses in the instructions below refer to corresponding areas on example images. If you have any questions about these instructions, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

  1. Access My Media in Canvas or at (Learn how to access My Media.)
  2. Locate and click the title of the desired video.
  3. Click Actions (A) under the video and select Edit (B).

    Tip: The Edit screen can be accessed quicker by clicking the pencil icon on the far right of a video listed in My Media.

  4. Once on the edit screen for the desired media, select the Collaboration (C) tab under the video and click +Add Collaborator (D).
  5. Enters the users UAB email address or select the user from the drop down arrow (E).
  6. Select the desired Permission(s) (F) for the selected collaborators.
  7. Click Add (G) to add collaborators to Kaltura video.
  • Co-Editor: can edit the entry’s details and metadata, trim media, replace media, edit captions edit chapters and edit slides. Co-editors cannot delete media or add new co-editors and co-publishers. Co-editors can also see the analytics page for media they co-edit.
  • Co-Publishers: can publish media to their entitled course Media Galleries, categories or channels.
  • Co-Viewers: only able to view media. Co-viewers do not have editing permissions, nor are they allowed to view unlisted entries, unless they are also co-publishers or co-editors of that entry.


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