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The Dean’s Primary Care Scholars Program is a longitudinal, merit-based scholars program that promotes and fosters interest in primary care to develop future physician leaders in primary care.  

The program offers accepted medical students additional educational enrichment experiences in primary care while providing a financial scholarship through the Dean’s Office on a yearly basis. This scholarship funding will be contingent on participation in the program, ongoing commitment to primary care, and overall academic performance.

The scholarship application has two short components: the application and supplemental questions specific to the Dean’s Primary Care Scholars Program, located on page two. You must submit a resume, but no letters of recommendation are required.

The application opens on Feb. 2, 2024, and closes on April 14, 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this program?
The Dean’s Primary Care Scholars Program is designated for the current first-year medical school class.

What are the primary care specialties?
Primary care is based out of the following specialties: Family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and medicine-pediatrics.

If I received the Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Scholarship, am I still eligible?
No. If you receive the Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Scholarship, you are no longer eligible to receive the Dean’s Primary Care Scholars Program scholarship.  

How many students will be selected?
Up to two students will be selected from each Heersink School of Medicine campus.

What are the benefits of being selected for this program? 
Scholars will have academically enriching experiences, dedicated mentoring opportunities, and scholarly activities that foster and develop clinical skills and perspectives relevant to primary care. Also, an annual Dean’s Primary Care Scholarship is provided with an increasing payment benefit as you progress in your primary care interest and academic year:

  • MS2 Year:  $5,000
  • MS3 Year:  $10,000 
  • MS4 Year:  $15,000

What kind of academically enriching experiences does the program provide?

  • Ongoing continuity clinic experience with a primary care physician
  • Procedural workshops
  • Primary care-focused co-enrolled electives
  • Primary care-focused special topic experiences
  • Summer enrichment clinical experiences
  • Ongoing opportunities for community service
  • Advocacy and Leadership training
  • Primary Care-based Scholarly Activity opportunities

What are the requirements for continued enrollment in this program?
Scholars will be reviewed annually.  Renewal of scholarships will be contingent on participation in the activities of the program, evidence of ongoing commitment to primary care and overall academic performance.

I have already received a scholarship from another entity. Does this hinder me from being selected for this program?
No. This is a merit-based scholars program. Program selection is based on interest and commitment to primary care and academic performance. Students can receive any combination of aid (scholarships and federal student aid) up to the cost of attendance.
(Note: BCBS scholarship recipients are ineligible.)

How do you apply for the Primary Care Scholars Program?

  1. Submit a completed application form
  2. Provide an updated resume
  3. Complete two essay questions concerning interest in primary care and basic understanding of medicine as a service profession

What is the selection process like?
Following the application review, selected students will interview with the PSCP selection committee. Selections will be announced after all evaluations and reviews have been completed.

What criteria is the committee looking for?
This is a merit-based scholars program and requires a student to be in good academic standing. The student must also show a commitment to primary care by attending and actively engaging in offered activities, completing an annual interest form, and demonstrating an understanding of service and its importance to medicine.

What if I have further questions about the scholarship application?
For further questions regarding the scholarship application, please contact Faye Heard at medschoolscholarship@uab.edu.

What if I have further questions about the program? 
For further information, please contact the Program Faculty Director Dr. Sumayah Abed at sabed@uabmc.edu.

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