UAB's mission is to be a research university and academic health center that discovers, teaches, and applies knowledge for the intellectual, cultural, social, and economic benefit of Birmingham, the state, and beyond. A large share of providing intellectual, cultural, social, and economic benefit to the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, and the State of Alabama is performed through extramurally funded projects sponsored by these same entities.


To use these sponsors' funds, defined as entity funds (including foundational funds flowing through one of these entities) with no federal funds included or involved, with maximal efficiency, UAB does not anticipate recovery of Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs on projects defined as community service projects. For the purpose of these guidelines, Community Services Projects are defined as projects that provide a service or program that engages UAB faculty, staff, or students in a partnership with UAB and the State of Alabama (including its cities and counties) benefiting the communities in these areas. 


Community Services Projects include:

  • medical care and counseling as well as the promotion of health and wellness for the underserved and underprivileged;
  • counseling to include drug and various abuse recovery programs;
  • court appointed assistance, i.e. assessment, referral, placement, case management, and drug testing services for participants in approved jurisdictions;
  • assistance with housing for the impaired;
  • occupational assistance for those capable and qualified;
  • provision of special educational opportunities, such as literacy and advocacy programs; and
  • programs encouraging and training medical students in rural medicine (i.e. opportunities funded by the State of Alabama Family Practice Rural Health Board).

Community Services Projects funded by these entities must meet the above definition and cannot involve or include federal funds if the pass-through funds to UAB are in a subaward as opposted to a contract.


Examples of funding provided by these entities that would not be considered Community Services Projects include projects that:

  • involve federal funds;
  • consist of fee-for-service arrangements; or
  • involve research, i.e. (1) a systematic study intended to increase generalizable scientific knowledge or scholarly understanding; or (2) a systematic study intended to determine or exploit the potential new knowledge for improvements in technology, materials, processes, methods, devices (including design and development prototypes), or techniques.

If you have questions regarding the determination of Community Services Projects please contact your OSP Officer or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..