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What is GPS (Graduation Planning System)?

GPS is the Graduation Planning System, a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion and plan for future coursework. GPS compares the degree requirements of the UAB Undergraduate Catalog and the coursework completed on the student’s record to produce an easy-to-read audit.


How is the degree mapping system be updated each year?

When schools or departments make curricular changes and submit them in the catalog update cycle each spring, the degree audit administrators receive a copy of the changes and incorporate them into the degree audits for students who begin in that new catalog year.


GPS will allow us to eliminate paper checksheets, but how safe is the data? Do we need to print a keep copies of the degree audits?

Various elements of the GPS will be backed up very frequently to ensure that the data are secure in case of a system problem or failure. Some of these backups occur every two hours, and others occur nightly and weekly. In general, we will retain the backups from the past 6 months on tapes that are secured in an off-campus vault.


Which web browsers should I use to access GPS?

Users should access GPS through Internet Explorer or Firefox.