How is transfer course credit applied to my UAB degree?

Each course is evaluated to determine if it can be applied as a direct equivalent, major/minor elective, core course or general elective. Catalog course descriptions from your prior college are used to determine if a course meets UAB course criteria. Your advisor can help determine how the courses will meet your degree requirements.

How will my credits be evaluated, and how is my transfer GPA calculated?

The evaluation and awarding of transfer course credit is based on review of official transcripts. Students are required to submit official transcripts, sent directly to UAB, from all postsecondary institutions attended. Students do not retain the right to choose, or eliminate certain courses for transfer. All academic transfer work will be posted to the UAB transcript, including courses with final grades of D’s, F’s, and WF’s. Any courses for which a student has been granted academic clemency, bankruptcy, forgiveness, or similar practice by the institution at which the course was completed will be posted to UAB transcript. UAB does not honor any other institution’s repeat or forgiveness policies.

How long does it take for my transfer course credits to be evaluated and articulated?

Typically, your transfer coursework within is reviewed within one business day of your admission to UAB. Complete course evaluation and articulation can take up to 14 business days if additional information is needed or review by the academic department is required.

I am considering transferring to UAB. Is there a list of courses from my college that have been evaluated?

Courses that have been evaluated are available online.

I have a course that has been evaluated as a general elective, and I believe it should be evaluated as a UAB course equivalent. What should I do?

To have the course evaluated again, submit a detailed course syllabus from the college/university that you attended, from the term in which you took the course to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to include your name, student number and contact information with the course syllabus.

I have a “UNKN” course listed on my BlazerNET Fact Sheet. What do I need to do?

“UNKN” indicates that the evaluation and articulation is incomplete. If you have been enrolled at UAB for more than one term and a course still is UNKN, please contact your academic advisor.

I am an international student and would like for the courses I took at a foreign institution to be evaluated for UAB credit. What do I need to do?

We have step-by-step instructions for International transfer credit.

I have been out of college for many years. Can my transfer courses still be counted toward a UAB degree?

Yes, all previous course work is reviewed for possible UAB credit. If you took the courses more than 10 years ago, we may have difficulty finding the course catalog. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.