Your Grades

You may request an official academic transcript ($10 fee) or an unofficial academic transcript ($5 fee), both of which list all the classes you have taken and the grades you received. Transcripts can be mailed to you or picked up in person from One Stop Student Services.More important information about transcript requests
UAB offers undergraduate students a forgiveness option by which courses taken at UAB may be repeated at UAB, and the grade for the first course will be excluded from the calculation of your GPA.This option may be used a maximum of four times, and only once for any course. Only courses for which a grade of C, D, or F was received may be repeated under this option.UAB Forgiveness PolicyForgiveness Form
As a UAB student, you may grant up to five parents and/or 'guests' access to a limited collection of your student information (online only).Authorization Agreement
In order to receive federal financial aid, a student must make satisfactory progress toward a degree.Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy