In order to maintain brand consistency, and to ensure that UAB retains the rights for creative work and digital advertising metrics produced by any outside companies, University Relations has implemented master service agreements (MSA). The MSA process was also designed to simplify working with outside companies. The following companies have an MSA in place:

Coming soon:

If you would like to work with a company that is not listed here, email University Relations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start the MSA process. Companies interested in establishing a MSA with UAB should also contact University Relations.

Once this is done, service orders define project work with companies with an MSA in place. Service orders are completed and signed on a per-project basis, following the steps listed here. Service orders typically are returned within two business days of routing (versus the two-week standard contract process).

Service Order Process

1. Complete Service Order (per project)

The UAB department should work with the company to complete a service order with the following information:

  • scope of work
  • time frame
  • project budget

Projects can be billed as a lump sum, a monthly price, or hourly, according to the company rate card.

2. Route Agency-Signed Service Order

Once the service order is agreed upon by both parties, the agency should sign the service order and return it to the department. The department then submits signed service orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Since University Relations has the master agreement, all service orders are routed to UAB Contracts by University Relations.

3. UAB-Signed Service Order Returned

Once the service order is signed by the university, it will be returned to the two contacts listed on the service order: UAB contact and company contact. Work should not begin until the service order is returned.

4. Work Completed by Agency

Once the dually signed service order is in place, the agency will complete the work according to the scope of services outlined in the service order. If more work is needed, a new service order must be routed. Per the master agreement of each agency, all digital marketing must be executed from UAB’s Facebook or Google ad accounts.

5. Invoice Paid

Once the scope of services is completed, the agency will send the UAB contact an invoice. The department will then process the invoice in Oracle and attach the dually signed service agreement as backup to the payment request.

Hiring a Freelancer

If you are hiring a freelancer, please follow the instructions in the Marketing Approval System.