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All* UAB vendors are required to register through UAB iSupplier, an online vendor portal that enables suppliers the ability to maintain purchasing and accounts receivable address(es) and contact information as well as retrieve UAB purchase orders.

The FIRST step in the registration process is to complete the iSupplier Registration Request. Upon review, the vendor will receive instructions for completing the registration process.

UAB vendors are eligible for RFQ (Request for Quotation) status. RFQ status enables the vendor to receive future bid solicitations for the commodity or non-professional service indicated on the bid classification form submitted as part of the iSupplier registration.

With iSupplier login credentials, it is the supplier/individual(s) responsibility to maintain contact information and required forms to do business with UAB.
NOTE: the tax form (W-9 / W-8) is provided one time unless something changes. The Vendor Disclosure Statement needs to be recertified on an annual basis.

Direct questions to uabisupplier@uab.edu.

Find vendor information (i.e. locating vendors and vendor status inquiries) for UAB departments.

NOTE: UAB Purchase Orders may be retrieved via iSupplier; however, the invoice submission function is currently unavailable. Invoices may be sent to uabapinvoices@uab.edu.

NOTE: iSupplier is not compatible with the Safari web browser.

*Patient and other refunds, petty cash, and study participants are exempt from registering through UAB iSupplier. Learn about the setup process.

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