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Signature Authority FAQs

Q. If a department receives a quote for an item where a signature is required, who is authorized to sign the document?

A. Only Board-authorized signatories can sign documents on behalf of UAB regardless of the cost of the items. If a vendor quote requires a signature, the quote should be faxed into Optidoc for review by Procurement Contracts. If it is determined that there are no terms and conditions in addition to the quote, Belinda Mitchell, Director, Procurement Contracts, is authorized to sign the quote and will do so prior to a purchase order being issued.

Q. If a quote has terms and conditions associated with it, what should I do?

A. All quotes with terms and conditions should be routed through the University Contracts Office for review. A contract routing form should accompany the documentation and should be submitted to University Contracts (AB 921). See also the Contracts FAQ for additional information related to this topic.

Q. Who is authorized to sign documents on UAB's behalf?

A. View the list of UAB-authorized signatories.

Contact: University Contracts, UABContracts@uab.edu, (205) 934-0387

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