OSP Dropbox Quick Submission Guide

OSP Dropbox Quick Submission Guide

Office of Sponsored Programs Guidance OSP Dropbox Quick Submission Guide

OSP Dropbox Quick Submission Guide

You may locate the OSP Dropbox here.

Method 1

  1. Select 'Create a New Proposal Folder'.

  2. This will be the new Attributes page that you will see. Please note Upload Files and File History sections have been added to this page.

  3. Either type the last name and choose the name from the drop down box or type the Investigator BlazerID in the appropriate field in order to populate the Investigator Name and Department. Either will populate the Investigator Name and Department.

  4. Note: Even though you Submit Successfully, you must continue to upload your proposal documents. So please continue to Upload Files.

  5. Before uploading please be sure the correct status of Draft or Final is selected on the Attributes page. Browse for the file then select Upload Files.

  6. Once you upload the file, you will be taken back to the Attributes screen and you will see the Update Proposal Screen button. You can check your Upload Files or File History.

  7. The Upload Files screen should show the file uploaded.

  8. The File History should show when the file was uploaded.

  9. If you Create a New Proposal Folder and submit using the exact same title, the system will automatically version the documents (Ver. 1, Ver. 2, Ver. 3, etc.).

  10. When you submit the final application, it can be done one of two ways.
    1. The first and best preferred method is to use the Create a New Proposal Folder to submit the final with the exact same name. It will follow the same guidelines as described above. (Method 1)
    2. The second method is described below and must be followed exactly as you will not get a second chance to modify the submission. (Method 2)

Method 2

  1. For the second method to submit a final, change the status to Final and then choose Update Proposal.

  2. When you see this Attributes page with the Update Proposal greyed out then you need to go to Upload Files. Please refrain from hitting Notify OSP of Proposal until ready to submit.

  3. When you upload the final application, then attachment title should clearly identify it as final. It will appear as File #1 and show as another uploaded file.

  4. File History will also show the second file as uploaded.

  5. At this point, on the Attributes page, choose Notify OSP of Proposal. It will take you back to the Home screen.

  6. When you are back on the Home page after taking the second way to submit the final, you will see the title greyed out and the status showing as final. You will not be able to modify the record. You will be able to download a copy of the uploaded application.