UAB will not require students to submit an ACT or SAT score when applying for admission for Spring, Summer, or Fall 2022. Whether applying with the UAB application or the Common Application, students have the option to choose if they wish to have test scores considered for admission. The choice to include or not include your test scores is final and cannot be changed after the admissions application has been submitted.

For students who choose not to submit test scores for consideration, high school GPA and high school curriculum are the primary criteria for determining academic preparedness. Both factors are utilized for admission and scholarship consideration.

In 2020, UAB’s incoming freshman class had a mean ACT composite score of 25.9 and a mean high school GPA of 3.83. With these averages in mind, students should submit scores for consideration if they believe that their scores accurately reflect their quality of work in high school. If they feel that an ACT or SAT score is not reflective of their ability, they should not submit scores.

All incoming freshmen, no matter the test option that they choose, are required to complete the scholarship application in order to be considered for merit-based awards.

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