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Dosimetry & Personnel Monitoring


Amongst the plethora of cutting edge research and clinical applications that take place here at UAB, workers who engage in certain of those applications may be exposed to varying levels of ionizing radiation, resulting in an Occupational Dose. Occupational Dose is defined as the dose received by an individual in a restricted area or in the course of employment in which the individual's assigned duties involve exposure to sources of ionizing radiation, whether in the possession of the licensee, registrant, or other person.

In an effort to comply and adhere to the regulatory guidelines that govern occupational doses, personnel monitoring devices, or radiation dosimeters are issued to persons whose expected or actual exposures to ionizing radiation require monitoring by regulating agencies, or encourage monitoring through support of established institutional best practices. Each dosimeter must be worn by the person to whom the dosimeter was issued and not shared, collected and returned to the Office of Radiation Safety, as required and no later than the required deadline.


A radiological bioassay is defined as the determination of kinds, quantities or concentrations, and, in some cases, the location of radioactive material in the human body, whether by direct measurement, in vivo counting, or by analysis and evaluation of materials excreted or removed from the human body. Please note that “Radiobioassay" is an equivalent term. New radiation workers will be asked to submit a pre-operational baseline radiobioassay, ideally, prior to working with unsealed radioactive materials.


Dosimeters or Radiation Badges
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Submit all dosimetry and bioassay related forms, and Pregnancy Declarations to:

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