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Dosimetry & Personnel Monitoring

Services: Provide occupational radiological monitoring services to monitor and measure radiation exposure to a wide range of customers.

Overview: Manage the distribution and collections of personnel monitoring devices for UAB, The Kirklin Clinic, Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital and surrounding satellite clinics.

Contact Person: Itella Smith
Phone number: 205-934-7489
Email address: irs@uab.edu

Forms or Guides:
Application for Radiation Monitoring Device
Lost Badge Form
Past Radiation Exposure Data Release Form
UAB Radiation Badge Return Policy
Pregnancy Declaration Form


Overview: The bioassay program monitors for those that are occupationally exposed to unsealed sources of radiation. Within this form of monitoring, there is a watch conducted for the internal deposition of radiochemicals. Threshold limits have been set by the State of Alabama Department of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control for amounts of radiochemicals used over specified periods of time.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and bring it with you to submit your bioassay. We are temporarily located in CH19, suite 445. The deadline for bioassay submission is the last Tuesday before the hands-on workshop at 3:30 PM.

Contact Person: Cedric Harville
Phone number: 205-934-6214
Email address: charvill@uab.edu

Bioassay Program Questionnaire