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The use of radiation producing machines or radioactive materials in research must be approved by the UAB Radiation Safety Program (RSP). The pertinent forms are available here.

Human Use
The UAB Radioisotope Radiation Safety Committee (RRSC) must review and subsequently approve the radiation component of Human Subject Protocols or studies that involve the use of radiation producing machines or radioactive materials.

Typically, the UAB Institutional Review Board for Human Use (IRBHU) must have the aforementioned approval prior to IRB approval.

Document Submittal
The following documentation is typically required for protocol review:
  • Project Registration Form: Project Registration Form
  • Human Subjects Protocol (HSP)
  • Informed Consent Form (ICF)
  • Official study protocol
Please forward the aforementioned documentation, as well as other supporting documentation, to projects@uab.edu.

Informed Consent Form (ICF) Support
Access the Department of Radiology Examples of Boiler Plates Consent Languages and Reference Dose Calculators here.

Contact Person:
Domenica Pringle
Phone number: 934-7418
Email address: dpringle@uab.edu