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Overview: UAB is licensed to use radioactive material only in UAB facilities, leased or owned, located in the University College or the Medical Center Complex. Any radioactive material leaving this area must be transferred to another facility licensed by the State of Alabama Health Department, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or an Agreement State such as Alabama. In some instances, it may be necessary to have the UAB broad license amended by the State of Alabama Department of Public Health Radiation Control Division before a transfer of radioisotopes can take place. Information regarding these requirements may be obtained from the Radiation Safety Program.

The Record of Radioactive Material Transfer form must be completed prior to the transfer of radioactive material within UAB facilities. These forms are available from the Radiation Safety Program by calling 934.4751. In transferring radioactive materials, the following steps should be observed.

1. "Record of Radioactive Material Transfer" forms must be completed and submitted to the Radiation Safety Program. The UAB Radiation Safety Officer must approve all transfers of radioactive materials, whether internal or external to UAB.

2. Containers must bear the appropriate radioactive material symbol. When the size of the container permits, it must bear information as to the type of radioisotope, its amount, and the date of assay.

3. Always transport radioisotopes in shielded containers appropriate to the type of radiations emitted. Exposure rates from the containers must not exceed 10 mR/hour at three feet from the surface of the container or 200 mR/hour at contact.

4. Liquids must be adequately sealed, double bagged and wrapped in material capable of absorbing twice the volume of liquid in the container.

5. Transfers must be made directly. Care must be taken to plan the route taken so as to minimize radiation exposure to other individuals and to comply with State and federal transportation guidelines. All proposed routes of transfer must be approved by the UAB Radiation Safety Officer prior to transport.

6. Material to be moved over the public highways or by commercial carrier must be approved by the Radiation Safety Officer. Human Use Licenses may be approved for variances to this requirement.

7. A Shipping Manifest must be completed and accompany the shipment of any radioisotopes over public highways.

Contact Person: Robert Heath, Jr. or Domenica Pringle
Phone number: 934-2487
Email address: rheath@uab.edu or dpringle@uab.edu